7 Wonderful Gifts of Forgiveness That You Should Always Remember ...


The gifts of forgiveness are such beautiful blessings. They can make you wonder why you ever held on to bitterness and anger for so long. It is hard to reach a place where you can forgive someone that really hurt you. However, the gifts of forgiveness are well worth doing the work to get through those difficult feelings.

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Inner Peace

One of the sweetest gifts of forgiveness is that you will feel an inner peace that has eluded you for so long. It is impossible to feel inner peace when you are harboring anger toward someone, even if it is justified. Feeling angry when you have been wronged is normal. The important thing is that you don’t stay there forever. You need to work through those feelings and forgive those that hurt you.


Feeling Lighter

One of the difficult things about holding a grudge against someone is that it really weighs you down. You don’t realize how hard it is to carry that weight until you aren’t carrying it any longer. Carrying unforgiveness and grudges can make you feel heavy with the burden of it. When you reach a point where you can forgive those who wronged you, you will feel so much lighter. This is one of the wonderful gifts of forgiveness.


No More Dread

Along with the other negative things about holding onto past hurts is that you have to deal with dread. You most likely dread seeing that person and dealing with them in any context. This is not fun and can really cast a shadow over your life. When you forgive them, you don’t have to deal with that dread anymore. You can move forward without that problem hanging over your head.


Freedom to Move on

Holding onto things that have hurt and angered you keeps you hung up emotionally. You are essentially stuck. This is because you are keeping yourself emotionally tied to that person or those people that you are angry with. You will have freedom to heal and move on when you forgive them. We often think that forgiving others is a gift to them, but it is more of a gift we give ourselves.


Less Stress

You will have much less stress when you let go of past hurts. Holding onto things that have happened to you is stressful. It takes a lot of your energy to deal with. Why not forgive those that have hurt you and have the gift of less stress in your life? This can sometimes be very hard to do; I know this from my own personal life, but it is well worth the effort.


More Mental Space

Holding on to your anger and hurt takes a lot of your mental space. This is something that we often don’t even realize until later. After you work through your feelings and reach a point where you can forgive others, it is then that you will realize how much mental space it was taking up. You will have more mental space to think about other things in your life, positive things that are life-giving. It is much better to spend your time thinking on good things.


Joyful Living

When you reach the point where you can forgive those that have wronged you, you will begin to experience joyful living again. You will remember that life is full of beautiful blessings. You will be reminded that there are so many things to be thankful for and joyful over. You will probably wonder why you wasted so much of your life feeling angry and hurt when joyful living was an option. Joyful living is always a better choice than hanging on to unforgiveness.

These are 7 of the wonderful gifts of forgiveness you can experience when you work through the anger and hurt holding you back. What are some of the gifts of forgiveness you have experienced in your own life? Share with us.

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My way of leering go and forgiving is to write a journal about the person who has wronged me. I'm able to let go of the frustration, resentment and anger towards that person and move on.

Love this!

So appropriate Forgiveness is a gift the keeps on giving...and it is one of the most difficult gifts to give. However, once you have actually given this precious gift, it will completely change your perspective about living, and only for the better..."how many times must I forgive my brother, seven times?" "I say seventy times seven times..."

Type-o "letting"

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