9 Types of People You Need in Your Life to Make You Happy ...


You deal with numerous people every day, but there are actually several types of people you need in your life. These are the people you're usually closest to and often includes family members and friends. Some people actually fit into multiple roles, so the types of people you need in your life could easily be less than nine. I have most of these roles filled by people I love and it honestly makes my life feel more complete.

1. Your 3AM Rescue

If you're prone to getting into misadventures often, one of the most important types of people you need in your life is the friend that will come to your rescue, no matter how late. Even if you don't hang out all the time, you know this person is there for you. Odds are, you're that same friend to them. It's nice knowing you always have someone to pick you up if things go wrong. Be careful not to abuse this friendship because you never know when you might need a ride when you car breaks down at three in the morning.

Role Model
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