Understanding the Relationship between Detachment and Success ...

By Fatima

Understanding  the Relationship between Detachment  and Success  ...

There's a definite relationship between detachment and success and learning all about it is vital for your future. Detachment means to let go of someone or something instead of clinging to it. To detach yourself means to free yourself from all kind of worry, fear and expectations. I know you must be wondering why I am asking you to be indifferent, which might seem impossible. Trust me. It works like magic in your life.

Now you must be wondering that how detachment can make you successful?

First let me tell you a little about Law of Detachment. The Law of Detachment means to take action for your own goal. By releasing that goal, you take the focus off of it, which is often all it takes for you to finally get there. This can sometimes mean you need to move yourself aside or out of the way in order for your goal to manifest itself.

That brings me to the second way that detachment can make you successful. We are often told that success requires motivation, desire and ambition, but there is another important ingredient, and this is detachment. True emotional and mental detachment is not a state of indifference. One can be loving, happy, helpful and energetic, and at the same time be detached. I mean being detached from worries, fears, and the negative emotions of other people.

True detachment is the ability to think clearly, stay balanced, and not get agitated in response to what people think or say about you.

Detachment worked like a magic for me. I wanted to work in media. I found out about a certain position in a news channel. I e-mailed my resume to HR. After a week, I got a call for a test and interview. That whole week I didn't worry about the response because I detached myself from the expectation that I might not get the job. Secondly, I was confident that I was perfect for the job, so I knew I could get it. That's exactly what happened!

Trust me, when you detach yourself, your mind gets refreshed. Yes, detachment is magic. Just sit alone and think about your attachment to someone or something. Let go of any negative emotions toward that person or thing, such as jealousy, possessiveness, hatred and even vengeance.

I can assure you, you will feel relaxed. Lose yourself and enjoy the magical moment.

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