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7 Tips on Beating Shyness to Be More Confident ...

By Natalya

Looking for some ways to deal with shyness to be more confident? When people know that you are shy, they talk to you differently, then they speak to more confident people. I hope this article will help people to be more confident. Maybe it will help you with a job interview. Here are the best ways to deal with shyness to be more confident.

1 Keep Your Head up

I used to look down while walking. Do not be afraid of catching someone’s eyes. When you look up, it will feel lighter and more open. This truly is one of the best ways to deal with shyness to be more confident.

2 Speak Louder

Before, I thought that louder people are too much. Practice speaking up more, when you are in a meeting or with your family. Try to level up your voice. It will give other people the impression that you are confident.

3 Do Not Put Yourself down

For example, do not say people that you are ugly. This will not help you in life. Nobody respects people who put themselves down.

4 Walk into a Room with Purpose

You should walk into a room with confidence; make conversations, making eye contact, as if you are waiting for someone. Just practice not hiding away.

5 Ask Questions about Others

If you feel shy, ask questions about other people. It will make them talk, and nobody will pay attention to you. People love talking about themselves.

6 You Are Not the Shy Person

Do not think that you are shy. Do not tell people that you are shy.

7 Body Language

If you are having a conversation with others, try keeping eye contact. Do not cross your arms, it shows a closed body language.

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