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I’ve already decided 2014 is the year I’m going to make some positive steps towards embracing more of my talents, and I have some tips to embrace your talents if you’d like to join me! This year, let’s forget everything we wanted to happen in 2013 that didn’t. Let’s forget the painful memories, how quick time went by, or how we let that dream we have slip away from us once again. Let’s also forget about the crummy job we hated that we chose to stay in far too long (or perhaps you’re still in those shoes), and let’s also forget about the relationships we didn’t nurture enough, or the ones that didn’t work out. Instead, make this the year you successfully make changes to embrace your talents and live 2014 to the fullest. Check out my tips to embrace your talents and move on with one foot in front of the other, ready to roll into a whole new year!

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Decide What You Want

The very first of all my tips to embrace your talents is to decide right this very minute what you want. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and think about exactly what you want. What is it that makes you tick inside? What is it that you enjoy doing that you’re not worried about the time, how much money you’ll make, or what you’ll miss in the process? Decide that, right this very instant. If you’re not sure, consider what hobbies and passions make you happiest. Anything counts, so don’t rule out absolutely anything here.


Start Doing It

Whatever it is you enjoy, start doing it. Stop telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow or the next day. You’re creating regret, resentment, and anxiety, just by doing so. You’re also starving your talents and forgetting what matters in life. You’re starving your happiness as well. Even if you don’t know the point of doing whatever it is you’re good at or talented at, just start doing it. Money and making sense of it all will come later, trust me.


Find Outlets

Whatever you enjoy doing, find outlets to start doing that very thing more often. For instance, perhaps you enjoy cooking. If you enjoy cooking, just start! You don’t even have to be good! Just pick up a cookbook, or take a class. For that matter, even watch a television cooking show and take notes. They don’t make those great shows just for entertainment, you know! Find outlets to do what you’re good at. If it’s yoga, maybe you’d like to be a yoga teacher. Look up a studio and take a class, whatever. Just start finding things you’re good at, do them, and find outlets where you can actively put them into gear.


Talk to Others

Next, start talking to other people about your hobbies and passions. Not only might they have suggestions for what you can do, but they might also have networking opportunities to pursue. Whatever it is you’re good at, start doing it and sharing it with others. Plus, networking allows you to gain possible access into future referrals, customers, or even just friends who enjoy the same things you do and might like to join you!


Ask for Help

If you have no idea where to start with pursuing your talents or passions, ask for help! You could ask through an online community that specializes in your talents, ask people you know, or perhaps teachers in your local community or city that might know something about the area you’re interested in. You might even contact professionals in the industry that you know, or that you know through other people. Find some way to get help, no matter what it takes. Just don’t pay money for advice, since that’s most likely a scam.


Don’t Think about Money

Money makes things complicated. I know more than anyone that a passion takes up enough time to be a full time job, but let tell you. No greater joy is brought my way than doing something I love, regardless of money involved. I can write and create new things and though I hope to make money and can, I love doing it without thinking about money. When you’re truly passionate about something, don’t consider the money at first. Doing so can derail your motives, steal your joy, and take away from some of your greatest work. I’ve also found it clogs your creative thinking, so to speak. Focus all your attention on doing what you care about and money will come.


HoMe It in

If you truly have no idea what it is you’re passionate about, talented with, etc., then really home in on what things you tend to be good at. Maybe it’s communicating with people, but you don’t consider that a talent or area you could be successful in. Maybe you’d be good at social networking jobs, or even creating a website like a blog or perhaps a social media expert site. Maybe you’d be good as a social media marketer, or even a journalist or reporter. Don’t leave out any options. Home in on exactly what talents you’re good at. If you enjoy shopping so much, even if you don’t buy anything many times, what about being a fashion coordinator, or perhaps starting a fashion blog? What about teaching women how to shop on a budget through a website, or teaching classes in your area? Find some way to home in on what you’re good at, and just start doing it.

I hope these tips for ways to embrace your talents this year have at least got your minds churning for what you can do this year. What am I up to this year? Well, I won’t reveal everything, but writing, possibly moving, and starting new relationships are all part of the plan! Have a wonderful 2014 everyone, and start embracing those talents! What is one talent you want to put into action in 2014?

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U really inspired me thank u :)

Agreed! 2014 is THE year. Let's do this!

Great points! (Btw, the phrase you're looking for is "hone in on it". Spell check may have led you astray...)

Great article Heather, thank you!

Really helpful thank you

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