7 Tips on How to Stop Criticizing Yourself ...


Being my own critic for years, and having to overcome low self esteem, I’ve learned some helpful ways for how to stop criticizing yourself. I think as women, it’s natural for many of us to automatically see ourselves as inferior. From the media, to pressures in the workforce, to the constant need to provide for ourselves, and expectations from family, it can be tough to sort through things and see how amazing we all are, just as we are. If you need some helpful ways to learn how to stop criticizing yourself, try some of my tips below. They’ve helped me dramatically over the years and slowly, over time, I've learned to not be so critical of myself. Criticizing yourself gets you absolutely no where, so better to quit now and save yourself the heartache later!

1. Stop the Negative Talk

The very first thing to do when learning how to stop criticizing yourself is to stop with all the negative talk - immediately. Every time a negative thought enters your head, silence it and tell yourself that’s nonsense. This is hard to do, but over time, by constantly practicing this, you’ll soon see those negative thoughts of “ I can’t,” or “I shouldn’t," are pointless and not getting you anywhere but into a cycle of fear.

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