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7 Powerful Tips to Improve Focus for Girls Who Are Easily Distracted ...

By Artti

When it’s the eleventh hour to get something done, don’t you wish you knew how to be less distracted? Distractions can be dangerous as they prolong the time tasks take to get completed. Distractions can also be a complete waste of time whether you have something of high priority that needs to get done or not. If you wish you knew how to use your time effectively and efficiently, then here are a few tips on how to be less distracted.

1 Delete Your Apps

person, leg, human body, profession, One tip I recommend on how to be less distracted is deleting your apps on your phone. Obviously not all of your apps, but those apps that consume a lot of your time. An example would be social media apps like Instagram. I also find Instagram to be an easy way to kill time but sometimes I’ll mindlessly wander through the app browsing through dozens of accounts when really I should be getting ready for bed or starting to cook dinner.

2 Downgrade Your Cable

cartoon, play, mural, screenshot, illustration, Some of my favourite days of the week are the days when I know my favourite show is on. I have the show set to record on my PVR and I watch it once I’m home from work and settled on my couch. However dedicating hours to TV is really a waste of time. Rather than watching other people live their scripted lives, try prying yourself from the TV (I know, it’s hard) and begin living your life! To help lessen the temptations, try downgrading your cable so you only have basic channels. You’ll find that you’ll have less interest in TV, and you’ll also be saving more money every month.

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3 Change Your Cellphone Plan

gentleman, screenshot, Another change you can make in your life is to downgrade your cellphone bill. Now, this one is even harder than point number two since we are a generation glued to our phones - it’s literally an addiction. However, much of today’s browsing of the internet is done through a smartphone. Downgrading your data plan will help keep you off the internet (at least on your phone) since overage charges are quite costly, and will save you money as well since cellphone plans that offer high GB of data are more expensive.

4 Go Somewhere Quiet

lake, sea, Since the days of elementary school, we’ve heard that somewhere quiet is the best place to focus. This philosophy is tried and true, yet so many of us ignore it. Sitting in the living room with the TV on, or at a local coffee shop where there is a constant chatter will keep your mind wandering in a hundred different directions. It might be hard to seclude yourself as you might start to feel bored or lonely, but even sitting in a quiet, secluded place for half an hour will help you get more work done then when sitting somewhere noisy or cramped for a full hour.

5 Schedule Your Time Effectively

person, sense, Just saying “I’ll get it done later” means nothing. Later can mean tonight after work, or later can mean at the end of the week. You don't have to hold yourself accountable when you don't get it done because perhaps "later" still hasn't come yet. If you don’t schedule set times for when you need your tasks to get done you will let everything around you distract you such as TV shows, going out with friends, or eating dinner. Make a promise to yourself or write down in your calendar when you are going to start a project or task and don’t let unscheduled events distract you and upset your priority list.

6 Create a List of Things to do

cartoon, biology, diagram, writing, brand, The best way to know when to schedule tasks is to first create a list of things to do. From that list divide your tasks in different categories. For example, The first category you should acknowledge in your mind are things that cannot be moved around and have set times such as appointments, work, school, etc… Next, you should look at what are priority tasks that cannot wait until another day to get done like homework, or cooking dinner. High priority tasks should then be scheduled around your set events. The last thing you should then schedule is catching up with friends or washing the car which can be postponed. Creating a list of things to do helps you stay on course and keeps you from doing low priority tasks first.

7 Clear Your Mind

play, cartoon, screenshot, mural, learning, I am my own worst distraction. When something is bothering me or I am panicking because I just remembered to do something else, my mind will not settle down. Then, it's hard for me to focus on what I should currently be doing. That’s why it’s important to keep your activities organized so you don’t remember something last minute and are scrambling to get it done. As for your emotions, if something is bothering you, go rant about it to a friend or talk to whoever is causing this mental road block so you can move on and focus.

Distractions are constant and they are the worst, but they are totally manageable. However, it has to be you who is willing to make the changes. What are some other ways to stay less distracted.

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