7 Powerful Tips to Improve Focus 👀 for Girls Who Are Easily Distracted🛎 ...

When it’s the eleventh hour to get something done, don’t you wish you knew how to be less distracted? Distractions can be dangerous as they prolong the time tasks take to get completed. Distractions can also be a complete waste of time whether you have something of high priority that needs to get done or not. If you wish you knew how to use your time effectively and efficiently, then here are a few tips on how to be less distracted.

1. Delete Your Apps

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One tip I recommend on how to be less distracted is deleting your apps on your phone. Obviously not all of your apps, but those apps that consume a lot of your time. An example would be social media apps like Instagram. I also find Instagram to be an easy way to kill time but sometimes I’ll mindlessly wander through the app browsing through dozens of accounts when really I should be getting ready for bed or starting to cook dinner.

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