7 Tips on How to Be Articulate ...


If you want to give people the impression of a solid education and a cultured mind, then you have to learn how to be articulate. Whether you are a giving a public presentation or you’re only telling a funny story to your friends, the ability to articulately express your thoughts is the key to an effective communication. The ability to be articulate is more than an expression of intelligence since articulate individuals exhibit quick thinking, eloquence, a greater degree of cognitive flexibility and a commanding vocabulary. Here are 7 tips on how to be articulate that you should consider if you want to master this skill through study and practice:

1. Know Your Subject

If you want to learn how to be articulate and captivate people when you are giving a presentation, then you must learn all there is to know about that topic. Do your research and look for other people’s perspectives on that thing. If you’re in a discussion where you have nothing interesting to say, then simply add to that discussion through articulate questions.

Expand Your Mind
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