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There are some things you should remember when giving advice. Advice can be wonderful and absolutely help you through something difficult you’re going through. Probably all of us are thankful for some good advice we received at some point in our lives. But there are some tips to remember when giving advice for it to truly be helpful to someone you care about.

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Consider if They’re Open to Advice

The first thing you need to consider when giving advice is if the person is open to receiving it. If it’s a person that doesn’t want anyone to give them suggestions, it’s probably better to say nothing. If your advice isn’t welcome, it’s best to accept that. Otherwise, you could end up with hurt feelings even if all you really wanted to do was help. If the person seems open to listening and receiving advice, that’s the time to give it.


Offer Advice Gently

Advice offered gently usually helps the most. Sometimes others can think you’re being pushy when you don’t mean it to come across that way. Giving advice in an easy way works best. People are more likely to listen when they receive some gentle suggestions. Think back to when you received the best advice. It was probably offered gently, too.


Share Personal Experience

Personal experience can be a great teacher. Sometimes pulling from that can make the best advice. Sharing lessons you’ve learned with others can help them with what they’re going through. Personal experiences always make interesting stories. I think we tend to take advice better when we know the person has taken it themselves.


Be Compassionate

It’s good to be compassionate when giving advice. The person who needs advice may be in an emotional place. A person can easily feel that way when they’re facing something difficult and don’t know what to do. Giving advice in a kind manner can make them feel so much better. They’ll always appreciate that from you.


Share Why Your Advice Will Work

Sometimes it’s good to share why your advice will work. It helps the person connect the dots. They can understand better how your advice can work for them. It helps your suggestions make more sense. They’ll be more likely to take your advice when they see your point.


A Little Goes a Long Way

You know, a lesson I’ve learned in my life is to give advice sparingly. A little can go a long way. Sometimes it’s even best to wait until someone asks for your advice before you give it. It really depends on who it is. If it’s someone you’re close to, they’ll probably be more receptive to it than someone you don’t know very well.


They May Not Take It

Lastly, it’s important to remember that the person may not take your advice. It’s good to keep that in mind and not feel hurt if they choose not to take it. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions about their life, right? If they choose not to take your advice, remember that it isn’t personal. It’s about them making the decision that they feel is best for them and that’s okay.

Do people often come to you for advice? What do you think are the best tips for giving advice? Share your thoughts here.

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Advice on advice

Never ever say " If I were you......". The other person is definitely not you ! I sometimes say it might be a good idea if you etc.or ask if they have thought of this or that. Most times people just want to talk it out and find a solution themselves.

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