Life-Saving Tips for Women Who Are Lost in Life but Not Quite Depressed ...


Life-Saving Tips for Women Who Are Lost in Life but Not Quite Depressed ...
Life-Saving Tips for Women Who Are Lost in Life but Not Quite Depressed ...

Are you tired of people hiding behind the word “depression” whenever they are simply having a bad time? The words “depressed” and “stressed” are so overused that it is an insult to people that are genuinely in a very dark place and unable to get out. It seems that only in the US do people expect, nay, demand…happiness. You are going to feel low and lost at times--it is part of life. Depression is one of the five stages of grieving, but in most of the population, genuine depression is rare. Most people simply feel down or very lost, so let’s address that and put it to bed. If you are lucky, you will get a 30-year window of adult living and good health, so stop wasting it trying to convince yourself you are mentally ill when you are in fact stuck in a rut.

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You Don’t Have to Have a Major Life Purpose

black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, portrait photography, Some of the most driven people are the most lost. They grab an idea and push for it with all their might, and when it doesn’t work, they feel lost and powerless. Finding a major life purpose is good, but it is not a biological imperative (nor should it be based on one). You can live without one, which means you can go a few months without one while you work on your life, your happiness, and your attitude.


You Have an Addiction

darkness, fashion, model, screenshot, photo shoot, I will probably catch some commenter’s hell’s candy for this one, but the truth is that addiction is a major contributor to a feeling of being lost and very down. The truth is that you feel lost without your crutch, which may be hard to swallow if you still feel lost when you indulge in your addiction, but that is simply your subconscious asking you to take more. Examine your drinking habits, your gambling, your competitiveness, your love life, or whatever else it is that you may be addicted to. Remember that addiction is not about chemicals; you can become addicted to anything.


You Are Tired, for the Love of God, You Are Tired!

facial expression, person, conversation, Maybe it is the culture we live in, or the availability of modern electronics, or the fact you can run your entire life without standing on your feet for a week, but the fact is that you are tired. We do so little exercise that we do not get a proper night’s sleep. We “feel” like we need less sleep because we are not physically tired, but we are mentally tired and we do not realize it. What is worse is that most people never know the rejuvenating power of sleep until they have had a good sleep routine in place for at least two weeks so that they may experience the mental benefits.


You Need a Caveman Diet for a Week

person, floristry, flower arranging, produce, meal, I am not saying that food will solve your problems in any way, and those women that claim changing their diet helped cure their breast cancer are playing with fire. However, there are benefits to a diet of vegetables, grains, seeds and milk. If you have tried everything and it hasn’t worked, then it may be your body crying out for attention. As a last resort when all else fails, try a dramatic change in your diet.


You Need to Exercise Three Times per Week

marine biology, underwater, freediving, water sport, biology, Did you honestly think you could abuse and neglect your body for all this time and get away with it? If you have ever done a 20-minute workout, you will know that you ALWAYS feel better at the end, but the first ten minutes are terrible. When your endorphins kick in, you start to wonder why you stopped exercising in the first place.


Stop Treating Yourself

hair, Habits are what make and break people, and many people, especially in the West, are prone to treating themselves whenever they feel sad. It is a very dangerous habit to get into because people will subconsciously start to look for reasons to be sad and upset. They will actually upset themselves, usually by thinking of horrible things that have happened in the past, and they do it so they may justify them treating themselves. It sounds convoluted, but it takes mere seconds for the process to start and end.


Time for Some Sex

human action, black and white, person, black, woman, Ironically, it is the “type” of sex that some people have that makes them feel lost. They do not feel they are getting a full release (or any release), and it affects their state of mind very deeply. Sex is a powerful thing, and it is wrapped up with emotions and ancient biological urges. That is the reason why we should protect young people from sex until they are emotionally mature enough to understand a little of its power. Maybe more sex (or self-service) is not the answer; maybe a change is what is called for. I am not here to advise you on that, but I should mention that the only type of sexual activity that is unnatural is an absence of sexual activity.


The irony in the potency of sexual satisfaction—or lack thereof—is how intimately it's intertwined with our overall well-being. When the connection is missing, or the experience feels lacking, it's not just the body that yearns for more, but the soul itself. Embracing our sexuality and understanding its depths can be an enlightening journey. And sometimes, the quest for fulfillment goes beyond the physical act—seeking an emotional and spiritual release that resonates with the essence of who we are. A healthy sex life is about quality, not quantity, and finding what truly satisfies us is key.


Find Your Hobby and Run with It

screenshot, Sometimes we get so caught up in life we stop taking care of ourselves. If you're feeling lost, find a new hobby or get back into an old one; this will help you feel good again which will eliminate some of those negative feelings you may be having.


Go on an Adventure

screenshot, vehicle, 50L199, As a little kid I always loved exploring and being active. Now as an adult, I can hop in my car and drive with no direction and explore somewhere new. Going on an adventure is great because it allows you a chance to tap into yourself and out of the real world. It will end up giving you more clarity than you ever thought possible. Added bonus: you might learn or find something new!


You Posess the Power

performance, performing arts, red, entertainment, performance art, When you're feeling a little blue, just remember that no one can make you happy but yourself. If you don't like the way things are going at work, you have the option to control how you react and how much you let it bother you. you are fabulous and you will continue to be.

I think it’s time we only use the terms depressed and stressed when it is truly that condition. We need to express our tiredness, fatigue, ennui or lethargy in real terms. What do you think?

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Every time I'm feeling down I do map and it doesnt help at all I'll feel worse once I wake up. Very moody

I've heard that hunger makes the body "reset" itself, it takes appr 24hr fasting but it improves sleep, mood, etc. I dont know! In regards to the "Caveman Diet"

Great points but we also live in a society where life in general is rush rush rush...but eating well drinking plenty of water and basically eating healthily goes a long way!

Do sports. It really helps to cheer you up and make you more confident!

"It seems that only in the US do people expect, nay, demand…happiness." -yess

Agree! Not everyone is depressed all the time, sometimes a little change in life is all we need.

"It seems that only in the US do people expect, nay, demand…happiness." -and this is why US continues to fall on the "World Hapiness Report"

Thank you for an insightful article! It truly "spoke" to me.

Yes I totally agree with this post. You are what you eat. Thank God Ima vegetarian 😇.

Wow,today is my 33rd birthday and I just happened to come across this ..and wow spoke to me like nothing before ,every word God is good

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