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Simple Ways to Keep Busy for Girls Who Are Always Bored ...

By Neecey

How often do you say “I’m bored”? You really shouldn’t say it ever, you know. You have just one life and you should live it to the full, not waste it on doing nothing or things that mean nothing to you. Apply a little bit of thought and motivation and you won’t need to say “I’m bored!”

Table of contents:

  1. Get outside
  2. Dance
  3. Plan a trip
  4. New skill
  5. Youtube
  6. Dye your hair
  7. Join a group
  8. Challenge yourself
  9. Explore your surroundings
  10. Plan ahead
  11. Do something wacky
  12. Find a team
  13. Rearrange furniture
  14. Binge watch
  15. School yourself
  16. Party
  17. Switch it up

1 Get outside

You might be bored because you never get up from the couch when you’re at home! Make the most of the natural beauty around you and get out in the open air; it can be really inspiring.

2 Dance

Get out on the dance floor and strut your funky stuff, even if the ‘dance floor’ is only your kitchen! Dance as if nobody is watching, and then dance even harder when they are!

3 Plan a Trip

Set yourself a budget and time frame and get to planning a fun trip for the future. There are lots of little details that will keep you busy to make it the perfect vacation.

4 New Skill

Take up a new hobby or commit to learning a new skill. It can be something trivial like cooking or roller skating, or something more major like a team sport!

5 YouTube

YouTube is an endless source of amusement for those times when you are super bored and want something quick and easy to take your mind off of your boredom!

6 Dye Your Hair

The sheer amount of crazy and quirky hair dyes that are available in stores today can keep you entertained forever! The best part is that they are mostly short term so you can keep switching it up all the time.

7 Join a Group

Whether it’s a book club or an exercise class, having something to put in your schedule and look forward to will stop you from becoming too bored.

8 Challenge Yourself

Commit to taking on a long term, tough challenge like running a marathon. It will force you to stay focused on an end goal and will always keep you busy during your down time!

9 Explore Your Surroundings

I can guarantee that even if you have lived in the same city for your entire life, there will be parts of it that you have never seen before. Get out and do some exploring!

10 Plan Ahead

Make a to-do list of things you can do when you're bored. Or even better, get crafty and do it in a fun way by creating an activity jar.

11 Do Something Wacky

Break out of your comfort zone and do something crazy like a bungee jump or a sky dive; it will definitely blow your boredom cobwebs away!

12 Find a Team

If you like sports, find a team that you become a new fan of. You would be surprised just how much time being a passionate fan can take up!

13 Rearrange Furniture

If you have some spare time, then make it count by rearranging the furniture in your room/home. It will cure your boredom and give you a fresh look.

14 Binge Watch

When the boredom becomes overwhelming, the only way to solve it is to dive head first in to a seven-season show that has great reviews!

15 School Yourself

Turn your boredom in to learning by being proactive with your time and educating yourself, whether that is through actual classes or just spending some worthwhile reading up on the Internet.

16 Party

One sure fire to cure boredom is to throw a party! Not only does the actual even give you a great time, but there is a lot of pre planning involved too.

17 Switch It up

If you are stuck in a monotonous daily routine, then make the effort to break out of the schedule and mix it up. Changing even the smallest things can make a big difference.

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