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7 Tips for Raising a Confident Daughter Who Loves Herself ...

By Heather

My mother was one of the best mothers in the world when it comes to being an example of raising a confident daughter. No matter what she said or did to raise my confidence, I must have just been too stubborn to listen for a period of years, because she did a great job! Her principles in raising me were ones that I would advise any mother to follow for raising a confident daughter. If it hadn’t been for my mom the last six years of my life, which were some of the hardest, I wouldn't be the confident, courageous woman I am today. Check out these seven tips for raising a confident daughter if you’re a mom, or if you want to be one someday!

1 Don’t Curse Your Thighs in Front of Her

One of the most important tips for raising a confident daughter is to be sure you don’t talk about how much you hate your body flaws in front of her. No matter if your favorite pair of jeans don’t fit, or if you’re just have a bloat day, don’t curse your body in front of your daughter. This sends her messages that we’re supposed to be angry towards our bodies, or value weight and size over other things. This won’t keep your daughter from being exposed to the world of dieting, perfection and body image issues, but it will give her a healthy example of what a confident woman should be. You can be the best example for health to your daughter by eating a clean, healthy diet and not being obsessed with dieting, sizes and weight.

2 Be Active and Teach Her to Be

One way that my mom employed confidence was that she was always so active and kept me and my family active throughout my life. This kept us motivated, happy and taught us to be fit naturally. She loves to be outside, do activities instead of watching television, loves to walk and do natural exercises. When we were children, she taught us to play outside more than inside and was always up for any activity we wanted to do. Being active can help raise confidence by showing young girls what they are capable of physically doing outside of just what they look like.

3 Compliment Her

One of the most obvious ways to raise a confident daughter is to be sure you compliment her on a regular basis. Compliment her when she makes good grades, does nice things for her siblings or others, helps you fix dinner, etc. Learning to compliment her for reasons outside of looks will teach her she is worth more than just what she looks like.

4 Teach Her the Meaning of Health

Growing up in times when healthy eating was just about eating low fat, my mom wasn’t into this trend, and I’m glad. She didn’t raise me in a house that promoted diet products of any kind, but we also didn’t eat really unhealthy foods either. To get a nice balance here, I think it is important to teach young girls what real health is, which is eating clean, natural and whole foods. Fast food, fried food and high sugar processed foods aren’t things we should be teaching kids to eat. Also, teaching her to eat a healthy, balanced diet can make her more confident by taking the focus off calories, and placing more emphasis on nutrition and fueling her body so it can give her energy and happiness.

5 Take Her Places

One of the best ways my mom raised my confidence was that she took me places so I could spend time with her and see myself as valuable enough to spend time with. She taught me that taking trips, special outings and doing special things with each other was part of a healthy and exciting relationship. I always felt so confident and special anytime I was with her. This is one of the easiest ways to make your daughter feel appreciated, wanted and valued. Plus, sometimes it doesn’t cost more than a little gas money for an afternoon joy ride!

6 Tell Her She is Capable of Doing Whatever She Wants

Be sure when raising a confident daughter that you don’t forget to tell her how capable she is. My mother was always excellent at this and no matter what, she supported me in what I wanted to do. Even if she wasn’t sure of it at the time, she always told me to do whatever it was that I truly wanted to do in a career, or in school. She also believed in me when others didn’t, and helped me see that if I dream it, I can do it.

7 Tell Her She is Pretty

Okay, I know I said we shouldn’t teach our daughters to focus only on their looks, but there is an exception. Girls like to hear that their mom thinks they are pretty, because chances are, they think their mom is the prettiest woman in the world; I know I sure do! Your daughter needs to receive compliments outside her looks, but you should still tell her how pretty she is too! She won’t feel more beautiful hearing it from anyone else than she will by hearing it from you; trust me!

If you’ve had a fabulous mom who raised your confidence levels, share with me what she taught you! What did your mom show you was the best way to be confident? Or, if you’re a mom, how do you show your daughter ways to be confident?

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