7 Things Every Woman Should Tell Herself at the Beginning of Each Day ...


7 Things Every Woman Should Tell Herself at the Beginning of Each Day ...
7 Things Every Woman Should Tell Herself at the Beginning of Each Day ...

As a woman, I’ve learned that positive thinking is key to success, determination and strength, and I believe there are certain things every woman should tell herself each day to keep her upbeat, motivated and encouraged. We live in a world where it is so easy for women to get down on themselves, become defeated, stressed or feel overwhelmed. No matter what negativity comes into your day, you can keep these things every woman should tell herself in the back of your mind and in no time, feel like you can conquer the world again! Trust me, when negative people or events come into your day, you’ll never realize how powerful or effective the thoughts you repeat to yourself can be.

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I Have What It Takes

One of my favorite things to tell myself every morning before I exercise, that I believe is one of the most important things every woman should tell herself, is “I have what it takes to make it through today.” Maybe you’re up for a new job promotion, position, or perhaps up against any tough situation at work or with your family. Or maybe, you’re just not feeling like your usual self and in a slump, ready to give up. Tell yourself before your morning workout that you have what it takes inside you to make it through the day, and do whatever is ahead of you successfully. Then, get a nice endorphin rush and power yourself through your favorite activity. This is a great way to reinforce this powerful statement and you’ll be amazed how well it works, just over the course of a few days.


I Am Good Enough

Another important thing to tell yourself each morning is that you are good enough for the best opportunities, new challenges and opportunities that come into your day. How often do we think that certain privileges in life were simply made for others more deserving or in better shoes than we are? You’ve got to stop telling yourself you’re not good enough to have whatever it is you want. With that one statement and belief comes the opportunity to change your belief system and establish the life and dreams you truly want.


What Does My Gut Say?

How many times have we all made decisions that don’t sit well with us deep down in our guts? Perhaps we make decisions based on the opinions of others, monetary reasons, opportunities for quick success, or pressure from others. Those reasons may seem important at the time, but if you don’t make a decision that sits well in your gut, it won’t work out for you over time. Your gut is your best friend in telling you what your intuition says about a matter. Listen to it and no matter how hard, it will never lead you astray.


I Need to Fuel My Body so It Can Serve Me

If you’re a busy lady like most us, chances are you often skip meals out of the need to rush through your day. You just figure that’s less calories you’re taking in and maybe even helping your waistline out. What most women don’t realize is that inadequate calories not only leave you cranky, stressed and hungry all day, but a lack of sufficient calories are often the reasons for sugar addictions, caffeine addictions, slow metabolisms and weight gain. You can’t diet your way to a good figure. You need to fuel your body and telling yourself that each and every morning is important. Tell yourself that you need good fuel for the day and make sure to take care of yourself nutritionally all day long.


I Deserve to Be Well

I recently spoke with someone that said this statement made all the difference for her. Addicted to unhealthy eating behaviors, deep down, she didn’t believe she deserved better. When she was faced with food struggles throughout the day, she told herself over and over that she deserved better. She deserved to feel energized, healthy and alive. She deserved to feel nourished, proud of herself and healthy. She has since changed her entire life around and said she can't imagine turning back. Telling yourself you deserve the best, whether in a nutritional stance, in a relationship, in a job that doesn’t satisfy you, or in any other circumstance is so powerful. Repeat it daily as needed, religiously.


Today is Open for Discovery

Each day is a new opportunity to learn new things. Don’t get bogged down by your schedule and demands so much that you forget this amazing fact about life. Take a new route to work, try a new coffee shop, visit a new blog or test out a new recipe. Explore new hobbies, find new groups of friends and read a new book. Each day is a great day to find new discoveries for things you love. Reminding yourself of this makes this amazing thing about life a priority and not just a nice thought in the back of your head.


I Will Give Myself the Rest I Need

Every day, it can be easy to exhaust yourself and burn the candle from both ends, waking up early and going to bed late. Take care of yourself! I’m serious; there is nothing like a great night of rest to make you feel like a new woman. Getting 8-9 hours can benefit you in ways you’ve never imagined. Tell yourself you deserve to rest. Sometimes I even have to tell myself that and it can be challenging at times, I know. I also remind myself of this at points during the day when I need a five minute break or a breath of fresh air in nature. Just five minutes can make all the difference in clearing my head and relieving stress. When I listen and adhere to this statement, I’m always reminded of how powerful and effective quality rest is.

Do you have something you tell yourself that helps you get through the day? Share it with me! I’d love to heart it!

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Very helpful I will start using it tomorrow morning!!!

Love it! Women are what makes strong & we bring life to this world so staying mentally strong with a heart of gold is key!

Good encourages words

I'm totally gonna wake up tomorrow morning and try this:)

This is so great

I wake up in the morning and piss excellence

Lovin all these statements ladies.

Very meaningful and useful article

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