7 Tips for Ignoring the Negative People in Your Life ...


Negative people are the worst. I don’t think making that statement is surprising to anyone in the least. They’re emotionally draining; they can easily wreck your mood, and just genuinely bring you down. If you’re sick of the negative people in your life but aren’t sure how to remove them from your life, this list will definitely give you some tips to help detox and create more positive influences in your life!

1. Press Mute

My biggest tip for anyone trying to remove negative energy or people in your life is to mute them on social media. Social media has a lot of benefits and positives, but it also means that you have to connect with people that you don’t necessarily love having in your life. If they’re such a negative presence in your life that even seeing a status update from them will get you down, hide them from all of your social media feeds, and your life will instantly become much more stress-free.

Limit Your Time Together
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