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Pro Tips for Dealing with Toxic People ...

By Leiann

I'm here to share some tips for dealing with toxic people. Are you a softie? Well, this YouTube video is short, sweet and to the point in telling you what to do when you just cannot take those toxics anymore. Hurting people hurt people. So, no meanness or toxicity to them in return, just 3 subtle ways to stop. Here are some tips for dealing with toxic people.

Sarah Johnson, May 4, 2016

1 You Need to Take a Look at Yourself

Often we are the product of who we hang out with. Do they complain? Do they gossip? Are you a mirror of them? One of the best tips for dealing with toxic people is to choose your crowd wisely.

2 Then, What do You Not Accept?

We need to set boundaries! Be firm.


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3 Take Action. for Example, Have You Been Cheated on? Maybe Forgive a Person for a Wrong-doing Once or Move on

Not everyone is deserving of your space. Choose your friends wisely. Instead of being toxic, maybe you'll find the magic potion called true friends and be happy, so you can laugh and love.

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