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This is What Success Looks like ...

By Neecey

Success shouldn’t mean excelling in your job, love or getting lots of money. Success is a way of life. It affects every corner of your day-to-day life. You see successful people all the time, and not all of them have a smile on their face. But here are some “measurements” of success you might consider for your own life.

Table of contents:

  1. Happy more than 30% of the time
  2. The love of a good man
  3. College degree
  4. A clear vision
  5. Successful people are able to accept change
  6. Family love
  7. Job satisfaction
  8. Good friends
  9. An active and/or fulfilling sex life
  10. The love of your pets
  11. Pleasure in fulfilling your smaller goals
  12. Fulfilling your larger goals
  13. Surviving to see another birthday
  14. Success means being grateful for what you have
  15. Pride in what you do and the ability to sleep well at night because of it
  16. Successful people take the blame as readily as they take the praise
  17. The ability to enjoy yourself on rare occasions
  18. Knowing that your sacrifice is worth it
  19. Having values and respect for my values
  20. Gratitude when i am proven wrong
  21. The respect i have--for myself

1 Happy More than 30% of the Time

Success doesn’t make you happy because you have to suffer to succeed. If you achieve your goals, you should be able to enjoy around 30% of your time on this earth.

2 The Love of a Good Man

Being loved is nice, but it is not everything. The love of a good man (or woman) is often a perpetuator of success, but loving a bad man or poor quality man (or woman) is often toxic.

3 College Degree

A universal measurememt of success which is an appreication of the application to which you gave yo your education.

4 A Clear Vision

It's difficult to measure success unless you know have benchmarks. If you have a life plan or vision, you're part way there.

5 Successful People Are Able to Accept Change

Know that things change is a cornerstone of success. Successful people will fight change, but only when it affects their values. Otherwise, successful people accept change.

6 Family Love

Being loved is good. It is good when people love you unconditionally. It is rare, and it is certainly not required for success, but it is nice and may sometimes make you “feel” successful.

7 Job Satisfaction

Since your job is going to take up a significant portion of your life, it is a good idea to have job satisfaction. That in itself may be a cornerstone of your personal success, especially if you are working on a career or a job that you love (and/or are passionate about).

8 Good Friends

Having friends does not create success, but it certainly makes success a lot easier. Plus, it can be fun and reassuring to have friends.

9 An Active and/or Fulfilling Sex Life

Some people go their entire lifetime and the only thing they are ever good at is something they can only share with one person. Nevertheless, an active and fulfilling sex life is a common goal, and ergo commonly viewed as an indicator of success.

10 The Love of Your Pets

So many people neglect their pets because they view them as a low priority in their lives. If you are able to put aside your own life and dedicate quality time to a pet, then it indicates that you have your life in order and are therefore at least partially successful.

11 Pleasure in Fulfilling Your Smaller Goals

Practice fulfilling your smaller goals so you become more efficient at fulfilling your bigger goals. There is also a lot of pleasure to be pulled from achieving your smaller goals. A completed to-do list is rather satisfying.

12 Fulfilling Your Larger Goals

It is good to know that the years you have put in, the work you have done, and the suffering you have gone through has been worth it. Successful people work on their long-term/ larger goals every single day.

13 Surviving to See Another Birthday

You cannot be happy and successful if you are not grateful for what you have, and the one thing you should be most grateful for is the gift of life.

14 Success Means Being Grateful for What You Have

Happiness starts with gratitude, and most people link happiness with success. Most people are completely ungrateful of all the blessings they have in life and for all the things they have worked for. That is why so many people only recognize the value of something or someone when he/she/it is gone.

15 Pride in What You do and the Ability to Sleep Well at Night Because of It

The most successful people are not the happiest, but they do take a lot of pride in what they do. Do you honestly think somebody becomes the “best” at doing something while simultaneously pulling their work down? Successful people are critical of themselves, but their criticism is based on the fact that they take so much pride in their work.

16 Successful People Take the Blame as Readily as They Take the Praise

A successful person knows there is much to be learned from praise and much to be learned from mistakes. A successful person treats both with equal passion.

17 The Ability to Enjoy Yourself on Rare Occasions

Successful people are so focused and work so hard that they rarely enjoy themselves. A person that indulges too much will often become a failure. A person that doesn’t indulge at all will often burnout.

18 Knowing That Your Sacrifice is Worth It

Maybe it is the scrimping you did before you had kids to be sure you owned a house first, or maybe it is the exercise you did to ensure you do not have a cottage cheese ass. Sacrifice and struggle go hand-in-hand with success, but it is worth it.

19 Having Values and Respect for My Values

A person without values is a person without a moral compass. You would save a drowning baby from an icy river because you value the life of a baby over your own. A person without values would walk on by and figure it isn’t her problem.

20 Gratitude when I Am Proven Wrong

There are liberals and republicans around the US that haven’t changed their minds since college. They are fools! A successful person is happy to be proven wrong because it gives them more to think about and more to learn. People do not tend to create opinions from a bad place. Most people think that their thoughts and opinions are right and morally sound. To be proven wrong doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means you have the capacity to grow and become better than you are. There are few people with this gift, so you should be grateful if another person brings a more valid argument or proves you wrong.

21 The Respect I Have--for Myself

Maybe self-respect doesn’t matter, but would you want to be successful without it?

What are the key measurements by which you judge your personal success?

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