Life Lessons 🌎 to Learn from the Fabulous πŸ€— Judge Judy πŸ”— ...

You might imagine that as it’s essentially a reality TV show, there’s not much value in Judge Judy other than entertainment. But Judy Sheindlin is a smart cookie – very smart. She’s seen so many cases come before her bench that all the foibles of humanity have been presented in the courtroom she’s presided over since 2006. But what are the key things she teaches us?

1. Don’t Lend Money to People

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This may seem like an odd tip to start with. If you have watched Judy’s shows or read her books, then you will know she tells people not to lend money to other people, and if they do, they should consider it a gift because they are silly to expect it back. So, why start an article about self worth with a tip for not lending money? The reason is because money and sex are big incentives for predators. People will say and do anything to get you to give them your money and sex. This is especially true of women, as Judy says over 80% of her money-loaned cases are women giving to deadbeat men. Stop lending money, and do not give your body as freely. If people still stick around, then they want you for yourself and not for your money or body. To quote another successful lady, Oprah said, β€œLots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

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