The Secret Reason You Aren't Happy with Life According to Zodiacs ...


The Secret Reason You Aren't Happy with Life According to Zodiacs ...
The Secret Reason You Aren't Happy with Life According to Zodiacs ...

Life has thrown so many obstacles your way that trying to turn your lemons into lemonade 🍋 almost feels impossible. We've all been there before. It doesn't matter how many things you've accomplished so far; there are still times when you feel like you're missing something. You've finally gotten that raise that you've been fighting for or your boyfriend told you that he loves ❤️ you for the first time.

And yet, you're STILL not happy. The worst part is that you can't explain why. One morning, you just woke up feeling stuck, lost and out of sorts 😕. Here's how your zodiac sign can shed some clarity on your situation - whether it's romantically, academically or career-wise.

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Capricorn ♑

black, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, You're a very loyal, reliable person and take commitment very seriously. If you're not getting the same level of dedication from your partner, it leaves you feeling alone and dissatisfied.


Aquarius ♒

face, eyebrow, nose, head, mouth, Being independent is in your blood; the minute you feel like you're being unappreciated or stifled, you freeze. Sometimes, breaking out of your bubble or inviting others in knocks you off-balance.


Pisces ♓

color, hair, facial expression, face, person, You've always been an over-achiever, which is why you put so many expectations on yourself (even though many of them are unrealistic).


Aries ♈

face, nose, darkness, head, mouth, You've been focusing on your own career, school 🏫 life, or relationship 💏 so intently that you've closed out the people around you without even noticing.


Taurus ♉

person, people, Your mind is constantly on overdrive. Life can seem great one minute, and then everything changes. You're also loyal to a fault and jealousy often rears its ugly head when you don't want it to.


Gemini ♊

human action, hair, face, person, nose, There are some days when you are happy ☺️ with everything you've accomplished. On other days, nothing seems to be going as planned. But your spontaneous nature makes you more open to turning ↪️ things around.


Cancer ♋

face, hair, person, nose, man, If there's a situation that you can overthink and stress over, you'll find it. It doesn't matter how big of a dent you've put in your workload; stress 😓 still follows you wherever you go.


Leo ♌

person, professional, profession, official, You're confident, independent with just a *teeny* slice of an ego. You don't mean to intimidate anyone or shut other people out but it happens more often than you'd like.


Virgo ♍

hair, person, brown hair, hairstyle, long hair, The type A personality fits you to a T. You plan for everything, and when that doesn't work, you have a backup plan for your plan. It's hard not to stress out over anything that deviates from your schedule.


Libra ♎

Hulu, face, glasses, vision care, nose, Being left out is your biggest pet peeve. Sometimes, you experience serious FOMO which makes it feel like everything is hanging out without you.


Scorpio ♏

hair, face, black and white, nose, photography, You have so many things going on at once that you can't afford to stay stuck in one place. Distracting yourself by keeping busy is your go-to coping method.


Sagittarius ♐

don't, even, have, pla, Life is like a roller coaster. It's hard to stay consistent about what you want when you don't have a definite plan yourself.

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