Did You Know That Color Can Affect Your Mood?

Colors play a hugely significant role in our lives. They play a big part in what we wear and how we decorate our homes. They can dictate whether we like something or not. They affect our choices in so many ways. It’s only logical therefore that because there’s no escaping color, it can also affect our mood. And, we react consciously and subliminally to colors. Want to learn more about the significance of colors and how they affect your moods?

1. Green

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The effect that green has on your mood is highly dependent on the shade or tone of green. Light green, dark forest green and teal shades tend to induce feelings of calm and relaxation. This is one reason hospitals often use the color green in their decor. Emerald green feels luxurious and upscale, while foliage green feels healthy and restorative. Bright greens like chartreuse and lime green feel bold and energizing, and are good colors to use where the environment is fast-paced. Olive green might be a good color to use in a utilitarian environment since it feels more regimented.

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