Are You Guilty of These UnLady-like Behaviors?


What was cute when we were younger isn’t so cute anymore. We could have gotten away with it as teenagers, but now it’s time to grow up. Certain behaviors should be done away with if we want to be treated like a lady who’s grown up rather than a girl who can’t be taken seriously. Of course, you want to be a lady, and now is the time to start acting like one. Let's stop doing the following things and we’ll surely be well on our way!

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Wearing Skimpy Clothes

Short shorts and mini skirts are par for the course when you’re really young, but there comes a time when you need to quit wearing them. Especially if you’re after a career or you want to land your soulmate. Trust me – a skimpy outfit is not going to get you a job or the man of your dreams. Save it for the club and choose more modest clothing for everything else.


Cussing like a Sailor

There’s research that says bad words can actually calm a girl when she’s stressed or angry. Now that you’re a lady though, you want to say them in your head. Expletives do not make you look sophisticated and with it. In fact, when you utter profanities, it’s harder to take you seriously and you can sound a bit trashy. Poise and patience are what you’re going for, so keep the bad words to yourself.


Talking like a Little Girl

You’re not a teenager anymore so stop talking like one. This is especially important if you’re dating or trying to land your dream job. Skip the cutesy abbreviations and the “likes” every other word. You’ll sound more like a lady and less like a high school cheerleader.


Binge Drinking

Yes, it’s totally fun to go out on the town and have a few drinks with the girls. But no girl looks classy when she’s falling down drunk. Plus, you say and do things that you otherwise wouldn’t and that can make for some embarrassing mornings after. It’s going to be hard to face your co-workers or your date from the night before if you got sloppy drunk and did something stupid. Have your glass of wine, but keep it in check now that you’re a lady.


Posting Trashy Selfies

The selfie trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and there’s no reason why you can’t put yours on your Facebook page, no matter your age. However, if you want to be seen as a lady, keep the drunken selfies, such as the ones where you aren’t wearing much clothing and similar poses, to yourself. And for the love of all that is good, quit with the duck face. It’s not at all ladylike.


Badmouthing Your Parents

Parents are super irritating during your teen years and they might keep on being annoying now that you’re all grown up. You can’t change their behavior, but you can change yours. No lady badmouths her loved ones behind their backs. Go ahead and own how you’re feeling, but don’t call your best friend and rant and rave. In fact, as an adult, you should call your parents and talk about the issue and solve it together. That’s what grown-ups do.


Blasting Raunchy Music

Bumping that music was part and parcel of your teen years. I did it too! I’m not telling you to stop liking your favorite tunes, but now is the time to keep it at a moderate volume when you’re driving and when you’re at home. No lady wants the neighbors to hear the raunchy song she’s jamming out to. Keep it down or you might wind up with a noise complaint.

Does this make sense to you? I’m not asking you to change who you are, but to refine your talents and habits so that you can put your best face forward for the world to see. What other habits have I missed?

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Very helpful tips! Thank you for posting this article, it definitely sends a positive message towards girls and women. This is pretty much everything my parents taught me and I'm so grateful they did :) wouldn't want to be part of drunk and cursing trash club :)

There are some people that say it is sexist, honestLy it isn't , like teanne said do whatever you wAnt BUT there is a LIMIT to everything and if you CRoSS it there will be CoNSeQUeCES

Act however you want. If you want to walk around half naked, cuss, drink recklessly, and trash your parents, go ahead. But don't expect respect from your boss and coworkers.

I don't believe with the blasting loud much thing at all not being lady-like lol. It's so fun to blast your fav song in the car driving ! Especially when you're with friends... It's called having fun, for goodness sakes it's not like you're old and shaky lol. There are certain things a lady should do tho. But just be you and have fun with life while you can !

All I have to say is thank u for refreshing my memory. Truth is bitter they say. Also every choice we make have consequences(_ or +). In my mind's eye , I see nothing wrong with this article.

This is a bit sexist....

Yeah, this is dumb.

I think the point of the last one is its ok to listen to loud music, but be considerate of *raunchy* songs. I live in LA and I can spend around an hour sitting in stop-n-go traffic on a daily basis going to work. Eminem or Niki Minaj are fun to listen to, but I don't think everyone (parents with their kids??) needs to hear F-bombs while sitting next to me on their commute. It's all about being a considerate human being. :) If an article was written on the sins of blasting Mozart in my car, then I would be offended ;)

I actually thought this was a joke, but then I realized it's a gaily serious. This is the dumbest, most sexist thing I've seen been put on here. I cuss, I dress how I like, I drink, I blast my music and I have the career of my dreams. and if I wanted I would have a man too

Why can't this be aimed at both men and women? Why must only women refrain from using cuss words? Quite sexist, for sure.

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