7 Reasons to Never Give up on Life or Yourself ...


7 Reasons to Never Give up on Life or Yourself ...
7 Reasons to Never Give up on Life or Yourself ...

You might feel like your life is falling apart, but there are reasons to never give up on life or on yourself. You're a beautiful human being, whether others realize that or not. Your life has value and you should learn to respect yourself enough to see that. If you're feeling worse than usual lately, here are some reasons to never give up on life or on yourself:

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Dreamy Days

You never know when you're going to wake up and live the best day of your life. You don't want to miss out on that. Even if your situation is pretty crummy right now, things could get better sooner than you're expecting. One of the reasons to never give up is because you deserve to experience happiness--and they'll be a whole lot of it in your future. Just wait and see.


All the Others

Your friends and family might not always be there for you, but they do love you. They have their own lives to live, so they might be too busy to give you the attention you want. However, their absence doesn't mean that they've stopped caring about you. As hurtful as their actions can be, remember that they'll always love you.


Helping Hands

If you feel like your life is meaningless, you can find the strength to survive and then tell others about your story. There are hundreds of others who have experienced similar things that you have and they would benefit from hearing what you have to say. You could help save them--but you have to hold on yourself to do that.


Definitely Deserved

You don't want all of your years of schooling to be for nothing. You don't want all of your friendships to be for nothing, either. You need to keep holding on in order to make all of your past deeds worth it. One day everything will pay off. You just have to wait a little bit longer.


Spectacular Creatures

Humans are amazing creatures. Think of everything that we've accomplished. We've created languages, buildings, traditions, clothing, and the list goes on. Now you can't believe that you're worthless when you're part of the same species that has accomplished so much.


Little Loves

Sometimes the little things are the best at helping us see the light in life. Don't you want to see the finale of your favorite show? Don't you want to save up enough money to see your favorite band in concert? Find a goal, however little, and look forward to it whenever you're feeling sad. Just make sure that you come up with a new goal once you complete the first one.


Personal Power

You can't control anyone else, but you are in complete control of your own choices. That means that you don't have to give up. You can choose strength. Don't assume that you don't have it in you, because every single one of us does. Unfortunately, it takes some pretty horrible circumstances to see just how strong you are.

When every single day is hard to get through, thinking about making it through an entire year seems like an impossibility. However, you can do it. Don't ever think otherwise. What helps you remember that your life is precious and worth living?

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My precious daughter Katrina keeps me going

I agree with previous comments from the top. This was very well written, thank you for sharing. I need reminded of this.

I needed it

i needed this, it came at the perfect time. thank you so much

When you feel it worked it's then you can choose another aspect you need help with like confidence or break up therapy .. I love it .. It's taking time just for you and it relaxes you so well . If you are extremely irate or panicked I've done it twice in a row before so by time you do it second time you do get more relaxed and able to let the words go deep in your mind so it can change bad thought patterns . Recommend it to anyone in need .

Thank you

awesome guide! Needed it too :) Thank you!

I agree that I needed every part of this article . There are a lot of moments when I feel as though my life has no meaning, but I know that I have a higher purpose & the end is not near. Loving your self is the first step, thank you

I was relly moved. I agree really. Right now really feel that everything falls part and i dont know how to pick up myself again. But this artcle really helps that i shouldnt give up that easy. Girl power!!!!

I really love your articles Holly. Thank you for this. I'm about to give up on life because of a lost love. Even small things like this helps a lot.

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