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7 Things You Never Want to Be in Life ...

By Artti

You never really think about it but I guarantee there are several things you never want to be in life. We focus on developing our strengths and positive attributes, but we forget to handle our negative characteristics. However it’s important to be aware of your character flaws or else they will start to take over. Here are a few things you never want to be in life.

1 Lazy

One of the things you never want to be in life is lazy. Being lazy really hurts you overall because you chose leisure over work. Laziness can get you in trouble at work, affect you finances, ruin your relationships and impact you health negatively. Next time you’re feeling lazy ask yourself what’s more important; cutting corners or getting results.

2 Selfish

Being selfish hurts your reputation and drives people away from you. Plus, if you’re all about getting what you want you may get instant gratification but you won’t have long term satisfaction, since you’ve turned people off from being your friend or partner. In situations such as arguments or making arrangements, think of solutions that benefit everyone, not just what’s most convenient for you.

3 Naive

When approached with situations, opportunities, or facts try to be a critical thinker. In other words, don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes too easily. It’s hard to know who’s being honest and who isn’t, but approach situations with caution or you could be taken advantage of.

4 Mean

Nothing is worse than a bully. No one needs to be put down, criticised, or judged. It’s best to let people be themselves because that’s how they are the happiest. If something upsets you, rather than being mean about it either acknowledge the issue head on or remove yourself from the situation.

5 Rude

Being mean and being rude are two different things. Being mean can hurt someone’s feelings, whereas being rude could offend someone. It’s hard to always please everyone since everyone has a different idea of what is courteous and what it not – after all, we grew up in different homes with different cultures. However, there are universal rules such as saying please and thank you, holding doors open for strangers, staying off your phone during dinner, etc...

6 Ruthless

“Naive” is when you are easily taken advantage of, whereas “ruthless” is taking advantage of others. Being manipulative will only get you so far, but one thing it won’t get you is respect. Plus, being so callous will leave you friendless and loveless.

7 Liar

The worst thing anyone could be is a liar. Some people lie with good intentions, some lie to get themselves out of sticky situations, and some people lie for no apparent reason. Whatever the reason may be, 99.9% of the time lying will never trump honesty. Furthermore, the more you get caught lying, the more you will hurt your reputation and your credibility.

Character building is why it’s important to evaluate ourselves constantly, to see what we need to work on. No one is perfect and no one should try to aim for that. But, with that being said, there’s no excuse not to aim for being a good person. What are other things people should try not to be?

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