7 Worst Things to do at Your Workplace ...

By Tracy

7 Worst Things to do at Your Workplace ...

Acute absenteeism and constant tardiness are always on a list of worst things to do at your workplace, but let’s look at some other actions that can really hurt your chances of success within a company. I’m sure you know several people, perhaps even co-workers, who demonstrate one or more of these worst things to do at your workplace. How YOU decide to deal with the ones that affect YOU, are worth discussing.

Table of contents:

  1. fashion faux pas
  2. gossiping
  3. personality conflicts
  4. low morale
  5. "that’s not my job."
  6. "that’s what she said!"
  7. not a team player

1 Fashion Faux Pas

"I’m bringing sexy back." Yeah, but umm, not for work. They sell business attire for a reason. Wearing tight fitting, low-cut, or too short clothing is one of the worst things to do at your workplace, and will set you up for failure. Aside from giving a false message, you’re also down-playing your business acumen. Poor judgment in a work wardrobe could likely be associated with poor judgment overall.

2 Gossiping

While it might be tempting to join in water cooler chit-chat about a co-worker, this type of talk will eventually bite you in the buns. When you’re busy repeating stories about the guy or gal in the next cubicle, sharp-minded individuals in your department are busy demonstrating their professionalism and work ethic.

3 Personality Conflicts

Face it: you’re not going to get along with everyone you work with. The most important thing you can do is try to work it out with the other person as adults. Look for ways to compromise. Always save going to your supervisor as a last resort. They’re not running a day care center and they don’t want to hear about petty bickering. Being a victim of bullying in the workplace is an entirely different thing. If a one on one firm chat with the bully doesn’t accomplish anything, then go straight to your supervisor.

4 Low Morale

Just like there is a Mr. Right, and a Mr. Right Now, there is the job you want and the job you have now. If you show up every day looking and acting like you had to drag yourself out of bed, and if you display no enthusiasm for your duties, you’re just a downer on the whole department. No one will want to work with you, and your demeanor will quickly come to the attention of your department head. Girl; fake it till you make it!

5 "That’s Not My Job."

If a supervisor ever hears that you said such and such is not in your job description, you can kiss any promotion goodbye. From time to time, you’ll be requested to perform some task that is not what you were hired to do, nor will you get paid extra for doing it during regular business hours. You have to just suck it up and do it, and the best of us will do it with a smile.

6 "That’s What She Said!"

Oh, the temptation of going there! Just don’t do it! Keep even borderline dirty jokes, ethnic remarks, and flirtations out of the workplace. Don’t be the start of it, hopefully you’re not the butt of it, and try not to be in the circle of those that tend to go there.

7 Not a Team Player

When I worked in an environment where two or more people could take lunch at the same time, I really preferred to lunch alone. I recognize this is not typical behavior; it’s just that since my job involved talking all day, I found it preferable to read during my lunch hour. Having been there and done that, my advice is…don’t subscribe to my lone activity! Surprised? For the most part, it’s misunderstood, and while others are bonding, you run the risk of not being seen as a team player. Sad but true.

Have any of these examples happened in your workplace with unhappy results? What other workplace don’ts can you share?

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