5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Negative Thoughts ...


5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Negative Thoughts ...
5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Negative Thoughts ...

Do you know what is one of the key differences between people who are super successful and people who tend to hold themselves back? Confidence and negative thoughts. Human beings by their very nature can often turn to pessimism rather than optimism, and it can be really hard to break out of a cycle of low energy when you are in a bad funk. Though it can take some work and practice to break out of your negative spiral, it can be so rewarding when you finally do. Here are five easy ways to eliminate negative thoughts from your life!

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Identify the Thoughts

Rather than ignoring your feelings and existing in a sort of generalized negative haze, try to look within yourself and actually identify the sources of the negativity on a detailed level. After all, it isn’t until you can understand what is making you unhappy that you can actually start to try to rectify the situation. Don’t be afraid to look your negativity right in the face. That is the only way you can start to understand it.



From a physical point of view, there is nothing that cures negativity like good exercise. The endorphins that are released into your body when you work out can help to change your mood in an instant. You can go from down in the dumps to motivated in a matter of minutes. There are much worse things to get addicted to than exercise!


Write down

It sounds simple, but it can actually be really effective to write your worries and negative thoughts down on paper so you can see a physical list. When they are written down to see in front of you, it can have the effect of helping you to see that in the grand scheme of things the problems are not as large as your mind is trying to tell you they are. From there, you can write some do-to lists that can start addressing the situation.



Some people shy away from meditation because they hear the word and imagine some sort of whole spiritual life change, but meditation can be as simple as just carving out ten minutes for yourself to sit alone with your eyes shut, trying to separate and organize your problems without the hindrance of outside distractions. Meditation can help you to feel more in control of your mind and body, and this is an enormous help when you are faced with having to confront negative thoughts.


Forgive Yourself

Don’t stay hung up about things that have happened in the past, because changing those past events is an impossibility. If your negative thoughts are stemming from past regrets, then you need to forgive yourself and move forward because if you can’t find a way to move past it, you will be stuck in that unchangeable mood forever.

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