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Women have so many things to be grateful for that have nothing to do with whether they have the perfect marriage or a top CEO career. In fact, recently, I’ve been thinking just how grateful I am to be a woman in today’s times, with more opportunities than ever. Day in and day out, we let things stress us out, but when you really sit back and think about how many things to be grateful for there are right at your feet, it can feel pretty amazing. Want to know some of my favorites? Check them out below, and then share yours with me in the comments section!

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Career Freedom

One of the things to be grateful for as a woman today is that we have the freedom to choose any career path we want. Interested in a certain field? What are you waiting for? Any career you choose is waiting for you to take advantage of it. Don’t let fear, challenges, or opinions of others hold you back. Many women in certain parts of the world don’t have these opportunities. Take advantage darling!


Freedom through Fashion

Another really amazing thing to be grateful for as a woman is the freedom to express ourselves through our fashion. I’m a jeans or a solid black tee and skinnies kind of girl. I like to express my artistic side through fashion and I like my wardrobe to be as simple as possible. Yet, I’m also very interested in fashion and on a day I’m feeling super confident, I’ll put on a pair of heels and some fabulous earrings. On days I’m feeling a little athletic, I’ll sport my yoga pants and hoodie. The freedom we have as women to express ourselves through fashion is pretty amazing when you think about it. Own it. Wear it. Love it!


Healthy Food Choices

This one is definitely a favorite of mine. With so many women not having access to plentiful, healthy foods, I’m so grateful that I do. I never let one week pass I don’t thank my lucky stars for having the ability to not only buy and afford healthy foods, but also have the means to prepare them in a well stocked kitchen. Women are natural providers for themselves and the family. Own that freedom, and choose to fill your home and kitchen with healthy foods. Not everyone can, but when you do, your brain and body will thank you over and over again!



Many of today’s top leaders are women. Do you know how powerful we are as a whole? Women unite and relate to one another. We understand each other’s challenges, and by doing so, we have a great freedom and privilege to be leaders in a world that is male-driven. I’m excited to see more leadership roles being given to women today, and that’s something I’m truly grateful for.



More education is available to women today than ever before. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been to college, and that I’m able to be continuing my education post Bachelor’s Degree now. Education engages us in the world around us, gives us tools to enhance our lives and others’ lives, and is abundantly at our feet through various programs. More scholarships are available now than ever, and funding is liberal to women across the country and abroad these days. What a blessing!


Body Freedom

Many women of the world are subject to dangerous situations that deprive them of freedom over their body. I’m so grateful as a woman that I haven’t ever had to live in such a situation myself. Having freedom over my body is something I might not think about each day, but am truly grateful for it. Appreciate the freedom you have as a woman to own and have control over your body, without someone else having it instead. Treat it well!



In today’s world, technology can drive us a little crazy at times. Yet, it’s truly something I’m grateful for, and something that most of us take for granted each day. We pull out our smartphones and use them without thinking twice. Yet, 10 years ago, we lived just fine without them too. Still, technology has enriched our lives, and helped us connect with other people better than before.

Of course I’m also grateful for physical traits like long hair, natural curves, and that I get to wear cute shoes, of course! Yet, some of the above items are more simple ones that we might not think twice about on a day to day basis. What are you most grateful for about a woman in 2014?

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I agree very much with the fashion one aha

#grateful for everything: ambitious, independence, love, freedom, invincible, go-getter, happily single, confident.

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