7 Admirable Heroines from YA Literature ...

Growing up, my heroines from YA literature were like my best friends. Even now, when YA lit is still a guilty pleasure, I look up to some of the young heroines emerging from the novels specifically geared toward younger girls. If you ever identified with a Jo March, a Hermione Granger, or even a Nancy Drew, you know what it's like to look up to a fictional character. These are some of the heroines from YA literature I find most admirable. I'm sure you've all read and been inspired by books that I haven't, so please share your heroines too!

1. Kay from Kaydreaming

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Our very own Jennifer Knightstep, my super-talented BFF, is responsible for one of the most amazing heroines from YA literature I've ever encountered. She crafted Kay with the intent of creating a strong yet relatable teenage character. Kay could be your daughter, your sister, or your best friend. Even with her second-sight dreams, she's a normal girl dealing with the same problems you experienced in middle school and high school. I adore Kay and I can't wait to see what she gets up to next. If you haven't picked up Kaydreaming yet, I implore you to do so – you haven't seen a heroine like Kay before, and you haven't seen a story like this before, either.

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