17 Things That Won't Happen Unless You Put in Effort ...


17 Things That Won't Happen Unless You Put in Effort ...
17 Things That Won't Happen Unless You Put in Effort ...

You can't expect your life to change if you're refusing to change. You need to actually make an effort if you want to make progress. That's why you should stop moping around and start creating the life you've always wanted to live. Here are a few things that won't happen unless you put in effort:

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Get a Boyfriend

Get a Boyfriend You can't expect a stranger to walk up to you, ask you out, and live happily ever after with you. If you have a crush, then you should flirt with him. Let him know you like him.


Get a Job

black, white, black and white, human positions, sitting, You need to fill out job applications in order to be considered for a position. Even if you don't think you're qualified, it can't hurt to try to land your dream job.


Travel the World

Travel the World You can't travel the world when you're broke. You need to put in effort in the workplace, so that you have the cash to live out your dreams.


Lose Weight

You can't lose weight by sitting on the couch. You need to get up and exercise, and you need to change your diet and start eating healthier.


Look Good in Makeup

Look Good in Makeup We're not born as amazing makeup artists. If you want your eyebrows and liner to look good, then you need to practice in front of the mirror until you get it right.


Get Your Diploma

You won't graduate unless you actually attend class and pay attention while you're sitting in that class. A diploma requires you to put in work.


Make Friends

Make Friends If you want new friends, then you need to be social. Smile at strangers and start up conversations with them.


Get Good Grades

Get Good Grades If you want good grades, you need to study. You can't forget to do your homework or answer questions in class, either.


Make Money

Make Money You can try to win the Powerball, but it probably won't happen. If you want to make money, then you need to work hard at whatever job you're lucky enough to have.


Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy If you want to live for a long time, you need to make annual doctor's appointments. Get check ups, even if you think you feel fine.


Become Successful

Become Successful If you want to get a promotion, you need to show your boss that you're willing to put in effort that others aren't. Otherwise, you'll never get a raise or a better position.


Get Followers on Social Media

Get Followers on Social Media You can't get followers on social media unless you remember to make constant updates, follow others back, and keep your account interesting.


Learn a New Language

Learn a New Language The older you get, the harder it is to learn a language. That means that you'll need to spend a lot of time studying if you want to be bilingual.


Learn an Instrument

It doesn't matter if you want to play the piano or the guitar. Either way, you need to practice plenty if you want to sound heavenly.


Get Married

Get Married Relationships require a whole lot of effort. If you don't go out of your way to make your boyfriend happy, then he probably won't turn into your husband.


Buy Material Items

car, vehicle, land vehicle, sports car, supercar, You won't be able to buy a fancy car or a new iPhone, unless you make enough money for them. If you work hard, it'll pay off.


Find Happiness

Find Happiness Happiness won't magically come to you if you wait for it long enough. It's up to you to create a life that makes you happy. It's all in your hands.

If you put in effort, then any of these things are possible! What's your main goal at the moment?

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I honestly really needed this. Thank you and good job.

Some of these are valid...others are quite shallow

My main goal is being successful


Basically everything requires effort. Even shitting in the toilet.

Motivating 🙋

So so true so do it but who am i to talk i procrastinate very well hahaha

Everything I need

Splashhh, I wish you the best!! Remember, you don't stop dreaming just because you had a nightmare!!

everything on here require efforts but to have efforts you need to keep being motivated to be motivated you need God

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