9 Things That Will Make You a Better Person ...


Below are some things that will make you a better person! Life doesn't always smell or look like a rose and when we are unable to see the bigger picture, we can be guilty of taking our stresses out on others. By taking a few small steps to change yourself and some of your habits, as well as remembering to be gentle on yourself, hopefully you will become a better person over time. Here are a few ideas on things that will make you a better person.

1. Keep Your Dignity

One of the main things that will make you a better person is learning to keep your dignity. Remember that you are responsible for your own decisions and choices in life and try not to get down on yourself when you make a wrong turn. Treat yourself well! Even if you have a disagreement with someone or someone hurts you, go into the interior self and remind yourself that your life is special, unique and worthwhile; the essential you is not wounded The desire for dignity is universal, however knowing it and honoring it in ourselves is key.

Forgive Your Parents
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