4 Important 💥 Things Every 💯 Woman Should Realize 💡before Turning 20 ...


There are just some things every woman should realize about life and the sooner, the better. Isn't it hard enough that we're self-conscious about our looks? But it's even harder when social media puts everyone’s appearance under a microscope to be dissected. There is no perfect shape or size. You don’t have to wear makeup to be beautiful and just because others decide to wear makeup doesn’t mean they are “fake” or not pretty. So here are a few things every woman should realize before turning 20 - or even sooner!

1. You’re Beautiful

It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear, your shape or size, your height, whether you have short or long hair, know that you’re beautiful. Be happy with the skin that you’re in. Sometimes it’s hard to see because people set up a template of what beauty is or what it should look like. That template is wrong. If you want to wear makeup, go for it, and if you don’t, that’s absolutely fine too. Love yourself and what others say shouldn’t define who you are and what you want to be. That's one of the most important things every woman should realize.

You’re Enough
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