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53 Things Every Daughter Needs to Know ...

By Damito

In this modern day of technology, teaching our daughters how to live successfully is crucial. We don’t think of all the simple stuff that was taught to us by our ancestors but it is still very important. Our daughters need to know this along with their daughters and the daughters after that. These words of wisdom need to be passed on for many generations to come.

1 Learn to Drive a Manual Transmission, Even if You Never Have to. It Makes You Look Cool

2 If Your Main Goal in Life is to Be a Housewife/homemaker, It is Perfectly Fine

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3 If Your Main Goal in Life is to Climb That Corporate Ladder, That is Perfectly Fine Also

4 This Next Piece of Advice Isn’t True but It Will Help You Get over a Man…Men Aren’t Crap

5 Well, Some Are and if You Are Lucky to Find the Right One, Treat Him Right

6 The Man That Just Gives You Butterflies and Makes Your Insides Feel Nervous Isn’t the One

7 The Man That Makes Your Insides Feel Nervous and Makes You Feel like a Well Worn Pair of Jeans…He’s the One

8 You Are Beautiful Whether You Are a Size 2 or 22

9 A Steak Needs to Be like Your Heart…tender

10 You Have to Right to Dislike a Food but Only if You Try It First

11 If You Have Been Lucky to Find a True Friend, You Have Found Something Rare…Love Them

12 You Need to Take Care of You…You Don’t Get Anything from an Empty Cup

13 Take Time to Enroll in an Art Appreciation Class. This Will Help You See the World in a Whole New Light

14 Explore the World

15 If You Tell Him No and He Doesn’t Listen…you Have the Right to Kill Him

16 Eat Pie and Rock That Two Piece Bathing Suit

17 Wear Sunscreen and Start Now

18 He Isn’t Your Personal ATM

19 You Don’t Owe Him Anything for Buying You Dinner…You Are Not His Dessert

20 Learn Self Defense…Don’t Be Afraid to Use It

21 You Will Burn Meals when You Learn to Cook

22 If Your Man Won’t Eat Them…He is Not the One

23 Look around You and Find the Oldest Person You Know; Find out about Their Life

24 Listen Closely to This Next One…it Will Blow Your Mind…

25 Social Media is Totally Fake; Even Yours

26 Only You Can Choose Your Salvation…let Others Judge

27 Imitating Someone Isn’t Flattery; It is Plain Annoying

28 If You Begin to Feel Uncomfortable at a Party, Call Mom. She Will Be There No Matter What

29 You Have the Right to Be Bossy…Leadership Can Be Beautiful

30 Ease up on Being Bossy and Learn to Lead in Love, if Needed

31 Be Able to Walk as Comfortable in Heels as You do Barefooted

32 You Don’t Have to Be a Bad Bitch to Let the World Know You Are Fierce

33 Never Be Normal…Normal is a Setting on a Dryer

34 Think for Yourself

35 It Can Be Scary to Watch the News. It’s Better to Just Read Because Knowledge is Power

36 Don’t Accept a Drink from a Stranger if You Didn’t See the Drink Being Made

37 Crying Cleanses the Soul. Your Tears Will Be Counted

38 Give Freely…it Makes You Feel Great

39 You Are Not Weak if You Ask for Help

40 Don’t Scream Because of a Bad Haircut…hair Does Grow Back

41 Get a Pedicure (if You Don’t Mind People Messing with Your Feet)

42 If You Get the Choice of Showing Grace or Being Angry, Always Choose Grace

43 Being Mean Will Make You Ugly…it Doesn’t Matter What Your Looks Are

44 It is Okay to Cut Toxic People out of Your Life

45 When You Cook, Always Use a Timer…trust Me

46 To Get the Best Sweet Tea, Always Use Two Cups of Sugar

47 Ladies Should Never Fight

48 You. Are. Beautiful

49 I’m Not Your Enemy

50 I Will Always Be Your Biggest Fan

51 Remember Men Aren’t Crap…if You Need to Get over One More

52 I Can’t Say That Ladies Don’t Use Curse Words Because That Would Make Me a Man

53 You Might Not Think so but I Will Always Be Your Best Friend

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