Girl's Guide on How to Spot a True Friend ...


Girl's Guide on How to Spot a True Friend ...
Girl's Guide on How to Spot a True Friend ...

Knowing how to find true friends is hard for some women. Many women are so dependent on technology, that face-to-face friends are few. In the video below, there are tips on how to find a true friend.

Published on Jun 23, 2008

OK... You do not have to turn off your cell phone because she might be reminding you of a lunch outing... But that is just it! You are going out into the community!

So many women stay at home, behind 4 walls, with their laptops, tablets, cellular telephones, etc., that may be in their own little world. They need to get out more!

Do you have a friend such as this? Invite them out! That is what friends are for! A true friend is going to say, "Let's go out for a walk", or "Let's go out...period"! Call your friend, text your friend, then...go out!

Give them a hug, a greeting card, just a moment of your time. Wouldn't you like a BFF to do the same for you?

The video is short, sweet and to the point. Won't you tell someone you care?

Thank you for watching.

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