The Thing Your Zodiac Sign Hates with a Passion ...


The Thing Your Zodiac Sign Hates with a Passion ...
The Thing Your Zodiac Sign Hates with a Passion ...

Here’s the thing, we are all human, and we all have likes and dislikes, and some of us hate some things more than others! It’s totally natural to take a strong dislike to different things in the world based on your personal experiences, but have you ever stopped to consider that your most avid hates might actually be determined by something as simple as the month that you were born? Here is the thing your zodiac sign hates with a passion.

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You can’t stand people that are too slow; anything that interrupts the natural flow of your own day drives you crazy!



You hate sudden change or surprises, you don’t like the feeling of losing control, and that really makes itself known when you are caught off guard by something.



You hate being told to shut up! It’s not like are a loud mouth in the first place, so someone trying to silence your opinions really boils your blood.



You hate being criticised. You have a very low threshold for people making fun of you or telling you did something wrong, especially when you know you didn’t.



You hate it when people try to ‘one up’ you or get one over on you, because you don’t see everyday life as being that important to have to correct someone when they get a tiny detail wrong!



You hate loud noises, it’s a simple as that! You like to live a very delicate existence, and any loud bang or crash goes straight through your brain!



You hate people that are rude or over argumentative. You would much prefer to be able to live in mature calm with like-minded people.



More than anything, you hate it when people lie to you. It’s even worse because you also happen to be able to tell whenever someone isn’t being truthful!



You hate being told to ‘chill out’. You are just an excitable person, and you get mad when someone tries to dampen your spirit.



You hate it when people have doubts about you. You are so confident in yourself that you can’t stand it when someone doesn’t see you in the same light.



You hate being told you are wrong, even if you know you are! It comes across as stubbornness, but you just can’t help it!



You hate it when people make promises to you that they then fail to keep. You value friendship very highly, and it really disappoints you when people let you down.

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