How Your Intuition Works According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How Your Intuition Works According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How Your Intuition Works According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Intuition is one of the most interesting and special elements of the human mind. It is all about the way that we sense things, the way that we react to things, and the way that we as individuals make decisions and various factors. The most interesting part of all of this is that although we all the same species, our intuition can be completely different from our parents, or our partner, or our best friend! Here is how your intuition works according to your zodiac sign.

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You are amazing at detecting when there might be some form of danger near. You always know when it is time to leave a party or remove yourself from a certain situation.



You intuition is very much a case of heart over head. You are lead by your emotions, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but can sometimes lead to you making the wrong decision out of hurt feelings!



You are something of a natural mind reader; you can pretty much tell what your friends and family are thinking without them saying a word. You always know what someone wants before they do!



You are very much head over heart. You are strict without yourself and can stop yourself from doing something your gut wants if your head thinks it is a bad idea.



Your intuition is very much based on your empathy for other people. You are sensitive to other people’s feeling to the extent that your decisions and actions are always based on trying to keep the peace.



You are very logical with your intuition, almost like Sherlock Holmes! It doesn’t take you long to figure out the intentions of everyone around you.



You never want to disturb the balance of a room or a situation, so your natural intuition is always to remain quiet and composed and in the background.



You are a natural lie detector, but you often find yourself having to ignore your intuition because you will end up not trusting or not liking anyone in your life!



Your natural intuition is to try to be a voice of wisdom in your family and friendship group. They see you as something of a teacher who they can learn from.



Your intuition is to always be striving for more success and a higher status. You are incredibly driven and your first instinct is to see what you can get out of a situation.



Your intuition generally leads you to trying to come up with alternative solutions to situations just to test your mental capacity.



You are incredibly sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings, and you have such a strong intuition in these things that you can often help them in ways that they don’t feel compromised or coddled.

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