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Fake It Till You Make It the Millennials Guide to Sophistication ...

By Rachel

Are you looking for ways to be a sophisticated millennial? It's not easy being a millennial girl in today's society. From dating to work to everything in between, sometimes you struggle to even exist. But look no further than these cool tips to help you fake it till you make it and rock the life of a millennial girl! Here are hte best ways to be a sophisticated millennial.

1 Show Your Confidence with Body Language

fashion, event, ceremony, fashion design, haute couture, One of the best ways to be a sophisticated millennial is to be confident. We all know ‘that’ woman. The woman that glides into a room and captivates everyone in it. She is graceful, elegant, charismatic - the height of sophistication. You, on the other hand, shuffle into the room with shoulders slumped and your gaze on the floor, unsure and awkward. Everyone quickly averts their eyes. If you want to be sophisticated, body language is the first thing to master. Sophisticated women walk with their head up, shoulders back, at a calm pace. During a conversation, the sophisticated woman makes eye contact with everyone she engages with, hands still. If you need further inspiration, look no further than Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of elegance and grace.

2 Be Smart about Your Makeup

lip, beauty, eyebrow, cheek, lipstick, While dramatic makeup is all the rage amongst millennials at present, the sophisticated millennial would never be seen sporting green lipstick and a cut crease. Neither would she spend precious time ‘baking’ her face. A sophisticated woman wears makeup that only serves to enhance her natural beauty, simple and polished. Think Parisian, think Caroline de Maigret.


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3 Dress to Impress

red, dress, temple, A sophisticated woman always puts her best stiletto forward. Steer well clear of fads and trends, the sophisticated woman’s wardrobe is timeless and classic (and preferably wrinkle/stain free). You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe to get the sophisticated style, but you should aim for quality over quantity, or at least aim to look put together. If ever in doubt, look to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

4 Put down That Alcopop

human hair color, girl, blond, long hair, brown hair, The sophisticated woman wouldn’t dream of drinking the brightly coloured beverage. A sophisticated millennial should always opt for a classic gin martini, and be fully versed in martini lingo. Dry, wet or dirty? Shaken or Stirred? What about with a twist? Rehearse your order in your head multiple times before daring to approach the bar. If it all gets a bit too much, play it safe. Champagne or wine will do.

5 Talk the Talk like You Walk the Walk

, So far you have everyone fooled, but there is still a chance you will fall at the final hurdle. Someone strikes up a conversation. You hear the name “Anna Karenina” and ask who she is. They laugh and say it is the title of a 19th-century novel written by the reputable author Leo Tolstoy. You exclaim that the last book you read was “Fifty Shades of Grey”. But embarrassing situations are avoidable, here are some safe and sophisticated subjects you can use: travel, culture, golf, art, politics, and philosophy. If you have no leverage in any of these topics, play it safe and comment on current events.

Of course, this does presume that you will make at least some effort to follow the news. Only mention the stories that are of national and global significance, and whatever you do don’t bring up the story of the man who broke the world record in pie-eating, or the old lady who was reunited with her cat after it got stuck up a tree. Extra points if you use a long word that no one really knows the meaning of

6 When All else Fails, Leave Sophisticated

darkness, audio, girl, singer, midnight, If your conversation is a massive flop, remember the sophisticated woman isn’t just sophisticated in her language of origin. Even learning a few phrases in French could be all you need to impress those around you. When your conversation isn’t quite cutting it, blurt out a French phrase and make a dash for the door.

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