What is the Worst Fear of Your Zodiac Sign ?


What is the Worst Fear of Your Zodiac Sign ?
What is the Worst Fear of Your Zodiac Sign ?

Ever wondered what is the worst fear of your zodiac sign? Let’s face it, even the bravest people in the world have their own specific and personal fears! Having a fear doesn’t necessarily have to be the same thing as suffering from a really debilitating phobia, and it can be a fear of something metaphorical or emotional, or of something physical. Whatever it might be, the fact remains that your fears are something that can really dominate your life! Did you know, however, that your fears might have been destined for you in the form of your astrological chart? Here's your answer for what is the worst fear of your zodiac sign?

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You are a very prideful person, which means that losing in any way if your worst fear. This can range from small things like losing a game with friends to big things like losing a loved one too early. That fear of losing is always there.



You are naturally a very stubborn creature, so it makes sense that all and any kinds of change can strike fear in you! You take a while to adapt.



You are somebody who loves to respected by all, so your worst fear is the prospect of being outsmarted and humiliated by someone. You always want to be the cleverest person in the room.



There is nothing more important to you then being around the ones that you love, which can lead to a major fear of being abandoned by those who bring you so much comfort and joy.



You are the natural life and soul of the party, so you worst fear involves being the most unimportant factor in anyone’s life. You want to mean something special to everyone!



You are a very lively and mobile person, which leads to the worst fear for you of being sick and unable to do all of the things that you so badly want to do.



You strive to achieve balance in all areas of your life, and something that can cause you a lot of fear is in the fact that the environment is becoming unbalanced and it getting way out of your personal control.



You are one of the most loyal people in the world, so it makes complete sense that your worst fear would be a betrayal. It is something that doesn’t even enter into your mind, and it scares you that others can betray so easily.



You are a free spirit who can never be found in the same place for a long time, so the idea of losing your freedom is something that you fear the most.



Of all the zodiac signs, you are the most likely to be a perfectionist! As a result, the fear of failure is something that looms very large in your personal and professional life.



You are probably the most expressive and most in touch with your own emotions out of any sign, so being incapable of self-expression is something that strikes major fear in you.



You hate to be alone, and this hate can turn in to a real fear if you spend too much time by yourself for an extended period.

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