Here's the Secret 🀐 to Taming Your Inner Mean Girl πŸ’ ...

Every woman has an inner mean girl, I think. Granted, some of us are better at controlling her than others, but I truly believe that there's a mean girl hiding inside all of us. I have one. I call her Bitch Puddin' and 90 percent of the time, she has control of my personality. My friends like her more than me. Bitch Puddin' tries not to be cruel, however, because I have tamed her over the years. I haven't eliminated her because I kind of really like her, but she's definitely not as vile as she used to be. If you want to get a handle on your inner mean girl, here's the secret.

1. So, You're Gonna Need a Journal

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You are going to be writing down a lot of stuff. You need a place to vent, for one thing. You also need a place to spill all the judgment and vitriol that usually comes flowing out of your inner mean girl. Taming her is hard and you might not want to get rid of her completely. You can give her an outlet, though, a place where she can get rid of all her meanness – that's better than serving it up to the object of her snark, right?

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