For Tall Girls the Struggle is Real ...

Alicia Fannin

For Tall Girls the Struggle is Real ...

The struggles of being a tall girl are real, people. And only other tall girls are really going to get what you go through. Although being tall has its advantages, it isn’t without problems. These are some of the common struggles of being a tall girl.

1 Jeans Are an Issue

One of the struggles of being a tall girl is finding a pair of jeans that really work for you. Even jeans in the tall section don’t always fit like they should. And you can just forget enjoying the ease of walking in a store and buying a regular length pair. If that wasn’t enough, you have to hear your petite friends talk about how their jeans are too long. They can have theirs hemmed; you can’t exactly sew more on to yours.

2 Dresses Aren’t Dresses Anymore

Finding a dress is no easy task either. Maxi dresses are tea-length on you. The adorable little dresses that look so lovely on everyone else are mini-dresses on you. You often have to pair jeans or leggings under a dress in order to make it comfortable and decent. Some dresses are so short they can only be a shirt or a tunic for you.

3 You Get a Lot of Attention

You probably get a lot of attention for your height. It isn’t that you want it; people just naturally notice you. You tend to stick out, or up, shall we say? You’re probably very tired of all the comments, even the ones that’re intended to be positive. You’ve also dealt with more than your fair share of teasing.

4 You Have Guilt at the Movies

One good thing about being a tall girl is that you have no idea what it’s like to have your view blocked at the movies. On the flip side, you’re always the one that’s blocking someone else’s view. And it makes you feel really bad. You’re always really self-conscious about this and may feel nervous when it comes to choosing a seat. You try to find a seat where this won’t be an issue but that’s not always a possibility.

5 Hugging a Girlfriend is Awkward

Girls are huggers. It’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, it’s a little awkward to hug a girlfriend when her face hits your boobs. One little tip that can be helpful here for you is to try more of side hug. It’s less awkward for both of you.

6 The Great Heel Debate

Most women love the beauty of a fashionable high heel. However, for a tall girl, heels aren’t something that’re always easy to pull off. You may be caught in an inner debate over should you wear them or should you not? Flats are only fun for so long. For what it’s worth, I vote wear the heel with pride.

7 You’re Taller than a Lot of Guys

Most girls want their boyfriend to be at least a little taller than them. When you’re a tall girl, this isn’t something that’s an easy find. You may be looking most guys in the eye or even looking down at them a little bit. There may be a great guy out there that has the height advantage over you and if not, that’s okay. There have been many successful, happy relationships where the girl was taller.

These are 7 problems tall girls can probably relate to. What tall girl problems are the worst for you? Share your struggles here.