Stop Self-Criticism 7 "Ugly" Things about Yourself That Are Actually Beautiful ...


Remove the word "ugly" from your vocabulary, because there's no reason for you to use it, especially when you're talking about yourself. It's become way too easy for women criticize themselves, but it's time to put an end to that. No more self-hatred from here on out, because each and every one of you are beautiful in your own way. In order to help you realize your true beauty, here are a few things that you probably consider ugly that actually aren't at all:

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Your Make-up Free Face

You're beautiful just the way you are. It's fine to wear make-up because you like to play around with the colors, or because it makes you feel better about yourself, but you should realize that you don't actually need it. Just ask your parents or your boyfriend--they'll all tell you how amazing you look naturally.


Your "Embarrassing" Scars

Whether you have scars from falling off of the slide at the playground or from self harm, you shouldn't be embarrassed of them. They're proof that you've been through tough times, and have been able to survive. The fact that you're still living and haven't given up hope on life yet shows how strong you are.


Your Big or Small Size

Don't hate the size of your stomach or your breasts, because what's "in" is constantly changing. Look at the way we view a woman's booty nowadays. In the past, it was popular to have a flat butt, but now everyone wants a Kim Kardashian booty. Fads are always changing, but your beauty is a constant.


Your Oily Skin

Even if your skin is littered with pimples, you should love it for what it does for you. It protects your bones, and gives your boyfriend a soft hand to hold and a warm body to press himself against at night. All in all, it does more beautiful things for you than bad things, so try to appreciate it.


Your Natural, Untamed Hair

You should be happy with your natural hair, no matter what it looks like. Most women with curly hair tend to prefer it straight, while women with straight hair prefer it curly. It's a perfect example of "the grass is always greener on the other side." However, you should love your hair the way it is. Stop ruining it with products and heat, because you look fabulous the way you were born.


The Glasses You're Forced to Wear

Some people hate to wear their glasses, but imagine living without them? It would be horrible to go through life without being able to see the way your baby sister smiles or the sparkle in your man's eyes when he sees you. Besides, some people wear glasses without lenses, because they think they're super fashionable, so don't fret about your bad vision.


Your "Bad" Personality Traits

You might hate your shyness, but it doesn't make you unattractive. Every single personality trait, even the ones with negative connotations, are admired by certain people. That means you shouldn't feel bad about your clumsiness or ditziness. Some people might hate those traits, but others will find them absolutely endearing.

Never look at yourself in the mirror and use the "U" word again. Like Christina Aguilera says, you are beautiful in every single way. Is there anything that you used to hate about yourself that you've recently learned to love?

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The 2nd ones really ahead for me cuz I have self harm cuts and scars and I an easy really hard time accepting them.

this is a weird article....

This was very uplifting :)

The first sentence in #7 applies to me so much...omg!

It always says "your boyfriend" not if you have one, but if it's just inconceivable that anyone could be single... Oh well. I'm just being too critical.

I love the 2. one

#2 describes me

Bad personality traits like shyness or ditziness are socially acceptable. Nobody likes a girl with a short temper and bad social skills though.

i love the last one 😍

The 2nd ones really ahead for me cuz I have self harm cuts and scars and I an easy really hard time accepting them.

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