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Finding acceptance with your figure is a healthy decision. Accepting your figure as it is doesn’t mean you can’t desire to change it. It’s perfectly okay to want to lose weight or tone up but don’t let those desires keep you from loving yourself now. You’ll feel happier within yourself when you make peace with your figure.

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Change Your Focus to What You Love about Yourself

So many times, we’re guilty of focusing on things we don’t like about ourselves. I know I’m guilty of this, too. But if you can change your focus to the things you actually love about yourself, you’ll feel more positive and accepting of your figure. Make a list if you need to. It’s good to have it to refer back to when you’re feeling down on yourself.


Realize That Others Don’t See Your Imperfections the Way You do

I’m going to tell you a secret, ladies. Others don’t see your imperfections the way you do. You might be hung up on your nose being upturned or your thighs not being the size you want. What really stands out to you isn’t noticeable or is barely noticeable to others. The truth is most people are more focused on their imperfections than those of others.


Decide if How You Feel about Yourself is How You’d Want Your Daughter to Feel about Herself

If you have a daughter, decide if you’d want her to feel the way about herself that you feel about yourself. This one hit me pretty hard. I would never want my daughter to pick herself apart like I have at times. This was good motivation to learn self-love. If you don’t have a daughter yet, think about other young girls that are looking up to you and the example you’re setting.


Be the Best Version of Yourself

One of the lessons you learn as you grow into an adult is to work with what you’ve got. It’s best to stop wishing for things in your appearance that can’t change easily, like a different shape of foot or to have naturally curly hair. Instead, be the best you that you can be. It’s good to try to learn new tricks and tips about how to dress for your shape or something similar. It’s all about accepting and loving yourself.


Shop for the Size You Are Now

A lot of times women put off buying clothes because they’re trying to lose weight. I know because I’ve been in that spot, too. When we do this, we’re saying we don’t accept our current self. It’s okay to plan a shopping splurge when the weight comes off but don’t deprive yourself now. Shop for whatever size you currently are; you deserve new things all the time.


Don’t Buy into the World’s Idea of Beauty

Very few of us fit into the world’s idea of beauty. I know very few women who fit into that mold. Be your own kind of beautiful, ladies! You’re special and unique just the way you are. The world’s standard of beauty is constantly changing and it’s exhausting to keep up.


Observe the Worth of a Beautiful Spirit in Others to See How It Adds to Your Appearance

Think of someone you know who’s kind and compassionate. I guarantee you that they have a beauty about them. This is because the truest form of beauty is within. I see this more and more as I age and this is the kind of beautiful I want to pursue. It’s the kind that never ages or goes out of style.

These are 7 tips to help you accept your figure and love yourself. What are your thoughts on this subject? I’d love to hear from you!

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Very good

This is so true for me. I was thin last year because I was ill and stressed out. Now I am curvaceous and I feel much better, though I keep all of those "thin clothes" just in case. They need to go.

I enjoes this

Really lovely article, thank-you.

Wow, I enjoyed reading this :)

Amazing article especially because I am also a mother of two children a boy and girl and for them both I want my daughter to love herself as she is and my son to appreciate the beauty of a person from the inside. Life happens and we will all change over the years. Inner beauty is what's truly important. Great article

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