Here's How to Alter Your Perception of Yourself ...

Sometimes, we can be hard on ourselves. We might set goals for ourselves, and then become disappointed when we don't achieve these. However, things don't always go according to plan, and if you're always telling yourself you can't do something, this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Well, there are ways to alter your perception of yourself. For starters, you need to stop telling yourself you're not good enough. If your self-confidence needs a little boost, here are seven ways to change how you view yourself.

1. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

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You're not perfect and you never will be, so stop trying. If the expectations you set for yourself are too high, you're always going to be disappointed. It's important that you recognize your limitations and set goals that are realistic and doable.

2. Focus on What You're Doing Right

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Some of us always focus on the bad in our lives and never the good. What's more, some of us tend to focus on what we're doing wrong rather than what we're doing right. If you feel you're not good enough, chances are you're forgetting about all your wonderful qualities. It might take awhile to reach some of your personal goals, and you might make mistakes. Newsflash – everyone makes mistakes. But rather than focus on where you went wrong, make a list of everything you're doing right. This puts things into perspective and helps change your perception of yourself.

3. Get Opinions from Those You Trust

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Speak with your parents, your siblings, other relatives or close friends. Ask these individuals to name some of your wonderful qualities. You might feel you're not good enough, but after a talk with those you love, you'll see that you possess a lot of good qualities. For example, you might be a good listener, an excellent friend, a trustworthy person or dependable.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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No two people are created the same, so it's pointless to compare yourself to others. Understandably, it's easy to make comparisons, especially when you see friends or coworkers moving forward with their lives and reaching their goals. However, comparing yourself to others can make you feel inadequate.

5. Don't Listen to Negative, Baseless Comments

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Unfortunately, you can't please everyone. And some people might make negative comments about you. Don't believe everything you hear. There's so many reasons why people talk negative about others. Sometimes they're jealous, or these people might expect perfection from others. You can't control how others feel, but you can control whether you allow their words to alter your perception of yourself.

6. Boost Your Mood

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There are different ways to boost your mood and enjoy a better state of mind. For starters, don't fill your head with negativity. Regular exercise, adequate sleep and a healthy diet can also balance brain chemicals that affect mood and emotions. You can ask your doctor about herbal supplements for mental and emotional help, or ask about medications.

7. Reassure Yourself

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You're not going to alter your perception of yourself overnight – it'll take time. So you'll need to constantly reassure yourself. Every night before bed focus on your good qualities. You should also do this whenever you're feeling down.

Believe it or not, but you have the power to alter your perception of yourself. But to do this, you need to empty your head of negative thoughts and fill it with positive ones. What are other ways to alter our perception of ourselves?

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