The Simplest Ways to Make People like You ...

There are some simple ways to make people like you that I would like to share. Of course, people should like you for who you are and it shouldn't be an incredible effort to make people like you. But there are a few ways to fine-tune your personality that will ensure that people are charmed by you and that you leave a lasting impression.

1. Happy Birthdays

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One of the first ways to make people like you is to remember those all-important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Don't you just love it when people remember that special day in your life? And doesn't it make you a little blue when people forget it?! Make a note of people's birthdays and put an alert on your phone so you can say happy birthday to the people you know. You could also create a birthday chart at work or college so that you can all celebrate together.

2. Bright and Polite

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Being polite at all times is also an essential quality in life and can help you in so many ways. Hold the door open for others, smile and say hello. Isn't it nicer to be remembered as the smiley and happy person who greets people and says hello to everyone rather than the frowning and scowling person who is always in a rush and never has time to say hey? I know we all have days when we want to do that but you can actually trick yourself into feeling better by smiling!

3. Laugh at Yourself

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Not taking yourself too seriously is another sure-fire way to make people like you. Laugh at your mistakes and people will adore you for it. If you trip, do it like a pro and have a giggle at your clumsiness a la Jennifer Lawrence. Scowl and pout and you'll look like a spoilt brat who didn't get their way and hates the world for tripping them up!

4. Don't Laugh at Other People's Mistakes

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Another tip is not to laugh at other people when they make a mistake. If they find it funny, have a giggle and help lighten the mood along with them. However, if they're truly embarrassed then help them through it by not laughing at them too much. They will see the funny side eventually but they'll hate you a lot less for not making them feel silly.

5. Compliment

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Giving people sincere compliments is another way to make people like you. Don't go overboard though, as you don't want to be seen as someone who tries too hard by dishing out compliments all the time.

6. Don't Be Mean

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Another way to ensure that people will like you is not to be mean. No one likes people who gossip about others behind their backs or someone who engineers new and innovative ways to ensure the downfall of others. Being mean will leave evidence on your face too. So wish everyone whom you meet well, no matter how mean and miserable they have been to you. You will feel great for it!

7. Just Relax

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If you're a more relaxed and 'go with the flow' person, rather than a tense and miserable kind of person, then it will mean people are more likely to be relaxed around you. Being someone who takes the time to talk and listen to other people is another way to ensure people will like you.

The key is to be authentically you, but showing an interest in others and being charming will certainly make people like you. What do you think? Do you have any other tips to make people like you?

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