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7 Refreshing Ways to Let Go of the past ...

By Donatella

Letting go of anything can be a great challenge if you don’t know of ways to let go of the past. Letting go of a negative feeling or memory will not only help you feel better today but will help you feel better forever. Learning ways to let go of the past will brighten your future – here are some tips on how to feel refreshed by letting go.

1 Forgive and Forget

One of the most crucial ways to let go of the past is to forgive and forget. Sure this is one the most cliché statements known by all, but it’s the most impacting and influential. Take some time to really digest what this statement is telling you to do: forgive and forget. That means forgiving yourself for making that big mistake that cost you a friend or your job; forgiving your parents for not understanding your decision to chase after your dream job; forgiving your best friend for back stabbing you; forgiving the boy who ruined the image of a man in your eyes. Whatever the issue may be, the only way that you will begin to heal and let go is to forgive and forget.

2 Accept That Everything Happens for a Reason

Although you cannot change your past physically, you can change your past mentally – do not let anything from previous days, weeks, or years keep you from living to your fullest potential in the future. By accepting that everything happens for a reason, you are opening yourself up to healing. Of course life gets difficult, and it’s not always the easiest task to understand why certain things happen; but if you can just accept that there are uncontrollable things in your life, you will be on your way to letting go of the past.

3 Do Not Buy the Lies

If one of the reasons why you’re holding on so tightly to the past is because someone has hurt you, not believed in you, or belittled you, then refresh your spirit by not buying into those lies! The truth is: you are special, you are loved, and you are wanted. When you can feel that in your very core you will slowly but surely be able to let go of the past and let go of all the negativity that has been following you around for so long.

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4 Understand the Opportunity to Start Fresh

When you fell off your bike as a kid, did you stop trying and give up? No. You probably got up, felt the bruise on your butt, said “ow”, and then got back on the bike to try again. Rather than seeing the negative in the past, focus and understand the opportunity to turn a new leaf and start afresh. There are too many things in this life that can bring you down if you only focus on the negative…don’t always focus on the negative or it will destroy you.

5 Be Kind to Yourself

Sometimes we are our own worst nightmare and/or bully. It can be extremely difficult to let go of something in the past if you are so mean to yourself. If something happened in the past because you hurt someone or made a mistake or maybe got blamed for doing something that wasn’t your fault at all, you should still be kind to yourself no matter what.

6 Focus on the Present

The present is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. If you can fully grasp this and internalize this, you will already begin to see subtle changes in your every day life. The changes may not happen overnight but I can assure you from personal experience, that if you spend more time concentrating on what you’re doing right now rather than worrying about what happened a minute ago, you will feel better about yourself and about the situation.

7 Appreciate the Goodness in Your Life

Sure things have been really tough for you. Some of you have been suffering or hurting for days…some of you have been suffering or hurting for years. No matter what, letting go of the past means taking moments throughout your day to really appreciate the good things in your life. Even if the only good in your life right now is the comfort of having your pet by your side, or the sun shining on your face, or the random stranger who smiles at you while walking to work – just focus on anything that ignites a fire in your heart to keep your head up and keep moving forward.

The Law of The Universe states that we are all beings made up of energy and thus if we want to attract something, we must release the intention into the Universe. If you want to begin seeing blessings and peace and happiness in your life, take time today to truly let go of the past and release the intention into the Universe to be happy. How will you let go of the past today?

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