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7 Tips for Dealing with a Friendship Breakup ...

By Alicia

Dealing with a friendship breakup is not easy. It is sad to see a relationship that was a big part of your life ending. This is something that almost everyone goes through at some point in their life and sometimes more than once. Dealing with a friendship breakup is hard, but these tips can help you to get through it.

1 Allow Yourself to Grieve

One of the first things you should do when you are dealing with a friendship breakup is allow yourself to grieve. A relationship in your life has ended and it is okay to be sad about that. It is normal to feel sad and grieve. Many people try to brush it off when they lose a friend but it does hurt. It is better to deal with those feelings than keep them inside.

2 Reflect

Sometimes it is good to reflect back on your friendship. Were there things that you did that contributed to the friendship breakup? It is important to figure out where it went wrong if you can. It is also good to look back and see what the friendship gave into your life for the time it was there. Even if it didn’t last, it played a part in your life and it is good to be thankful for those times.

3 Learn from It

I think it is best if we try to learn from every experience that we go through in life. This includes when we go through a friendship breakup. If you made a mistake that contributed to going your separate ways, learn from that. If there were things that you could have done better in the friendship, take those lessons to heart to apply to your other friendships going forward. Let experiences like this make you better, not bitter.

4 Find Closure

It is important to find some closure after the breakup of a friendship. Realizing that it has ended and that chapter of your life is closing is important. It makes it easier to move on when you do this. You also feel more peaceful about the whole situation when you feel like you have made peace with it. If you try to deny your feelings, you will end up having to deal with them later on down the line.

5 Be Kind to Yourself

Going through the loss of a friendship is hard. It hurts and you are sad and things can just seem awful for a while. You probably miss the part your friend played in your life. Be kind to yourself while you are dealing with all of these emotions. It is okay to do some nice things for yourself during this period of time. In fact, it is really beneficial to treat yourself with kindness.

6 Realize It is Her Loss

Sometimes you just have to walk away from a friendship that is ending and realize it is your friend’s loss. If you know that you did all you could to make that friendship work, you just have to cut ties and move on. Sometimes relationships fall apart despite our best effort. This is because any relationship takes two and we can only control our part of it. If you have done your best to work out any difference and your friend isn’t willing, let them go with a clean conscience.

7 Find Some New Friends

As you deal with the sadness of a friendship ending, you can also look forward to moving on. Find some new friends to hang out with. There are all kinds of people out there to be friends with. You just have to be open and willing to finding new friendships. Remind yourself how valuable you can be as a friend and that many people would love to have you for a friend.

Dealing with a friendship ending is never easy. What did you do to get yourself through this situation? Your experience can help others going through the same thing.

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