7 Reasons You Aren't as Successful as You Should Be ...


If you feel like you haven’t managed to obtain any of your goals even though you think you worked really hard to achieve them, I must tell you that there actually are a few reasons you aren’t as successful as you should be. Of course, you should first define what success means to you because if you don’t, you might waste your time and energy pursuing someone else’s dreams. In Earl Nightingale’s opinion (a very famous motivational speaker and author who is considered the Dean of Personal Development), success is “the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal,” so it’s basically not a destination but a progressive journey (just like happiness). Here are a few somewhat harsh, yet truthful reasons you aren’t as successful as you should be:

1. You Are Afraid

In my opinion, fear is by far one of the most important reasons you aren’t as successful as you should be. I know that for me, it really is the thing that always prevents me from reaching my goals. I’m always working towards overcoming it and I’m always trying to not allow it to define me or my actions. It may look silly, but fear can be your own worst enemy and will definitely get in the way of your happiness if you don’t do something to control it.

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