7 Reasons Turning 30 is Great ...

If you're worried about hitting the big 3-0, let me reassure you that there are plenty of reasons turning 30 is great! I honestly couldn't understand why people get so anxious about it. And nor should you worry about turning 40. But if you're coming closer to the end of your 20s, here are some reasons turning 30 is great …

1. Career Boost

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One of the reasons turning 30 is great is that you've had some time to get established in your career. You're now got some experience and are not just fresh out of college. You're more likely to get promoted and to be taken seriously. And with the experience and skills you have, you are more likely to get another job if you want to change career or work for a different firm.

2. Taken Seriously

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It can be quite difficult to get people to take you seriously in your teens or twenties. They think that just because you're young, you have no common sense and know absolutely nothing. Once you turn 30, people see you as someone with life experience and knowledge.

3. Done with Daft Things

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Once you turn 30, you have less interest in doing daft things. You'll find that you can't drink and party like you used to, so you calm down. That doesn't mean that you're turning into a boring old fogey, just that these things don't matter so much any more. Partying is fine when you're young, but you just can't take it when you get that bit older - and that's good for your body.

4. Date Different Ages

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There's another bonus about turning 30 - your dating horizons open up. At 20, you can only really date people of your own age or older. Date anyone younger, and people might wonder why. At 30, you can date guys that are a bit younger as well. It's good to have options!

5. More Money

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Financially turning 30 is likely to be good for you as well. You could well be earning more, and have excellent prospects in your career. Plus there are other bonuses - you'll find that your car insurance gets cheaper as you get older (that was one of the best parts of turning 30 for me!). You may also stop wasting your money on things you don't need.

6. Understand Priorities

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By 30, you tend to know yourself better. You've worked out what matters to you, and don't waste your time on things that aren't important. Knowing what your priorities are means that you use your time and resources to the best of your abilities. It's your life, so you need to avoid wasting it on anything that doesn't work for you.

7. Worry Less

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When you're younger, you may be concerned about what people think of you. By the time you hit 30 you don't care much about what other people think. You just don't worry about their opinion as you've realized the only thing that matters is that you are happy with your life.

So stop fretting about the awful prospect of turning 30. It'll only be negative if you think that it will. Otherwise you can have a great time and love every minute of your 30s, 40s and onwards. What do you think about landmark birthdays - are they really that important?

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