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When it comes to gaining a healthier body and mind, there are plenty of good reasons to spend more time in nature. Research shows that all people – particularly children – can benefit from better concentration, stamina, emotional health and well-being by just spending a little more time in a greener environment. But let’s take a look at exactly what are the most important reasons to spend more time in nature.

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Improved Focus and Cognition

One of the most essential reasons to spend more time in nature, and one that has been particularly observed in children, is the decreased effects of ADHD and an improved ability to focus. Cognitive abilities also increase, and teens or adults can benefit from the same positive aspects, being able to think more sharply and perform better at school or work.



Another reason why it might be a good idea to spend time outside, even if you only go out for a walk in the park each day, is exercise. Not only do you get your blood and muscles in motion more, but the improved oxygenation of the body will also help boost your physical capabilities.


Stress Relief

Stress is one of the main concerns for people spending a lot of time in front of the computer. The good news is that a quick walk, a jogging session or moving to an area with more trees and parks is enough to decrease your stress levels, make you more peaceful, and even improve your social relations with others.


Look at All Those Colors!

According to The Guardian (UK newspaper), studies show that one of the best reasons to spend more time in nature is because of the more natural and pleasant colors and patterns of trees, plants, flowers, grass and anything that has to do with green spaces. Experts have even proven that increased sunlight and the simple presence of the color green in your environment can boost happiness levels.


Faster Healing

A spell in the countryside will often help you improve your body’s healing abilities. A study conducted by the University of Pittsburg has even shown that people recovering from back surgery needed less medication and experienced less pain when they spend more time outside. Getting out more in the great outdoors also helps the body build up higher levels of Vitamin D, protecting itself from conditions such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease.


No Social Pressure

For those of us who don’t really enjoy being smothered by the attention of others, or who prefer being by themselves, being in nature can be a true sense of relief. The places you find while hiking or camping in a remote area can often seem timeless, and you won’t have to deal with busy streets, social constraints or having to constantly worry about what time it is.


Never a Dull Moment

Finally, one of the best reasons to spend more time in nature is the boundlessness of nature itself. You can learn a lot about wildlife, feel like an adventurer exploring caves and valleys, or find out more about the ecosystem and the magically harmonious ways it manages to keep the wheel of life spinning better than any manmade machine ever could.

These are just some of the many advantages of relaxing outside, and there are plenty more where they came from. What other benefits of spending more time in nature would you like to share with us?


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