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9 Reasons to Stop Hating Your Body and Start Loving It More ...

By Rosalina

There are some real reasons to stop hating your body and start loving it more that will help you embrace your beauty for all it's worth. It's sad, after all, that so many women feel the need to berate themselves after every mouthful of food, or punish themselves with a grueling exercise schedule after every treat. Our bodies are amazing but unfortunately, we spend so much time worrying about every inch and pound, wasting precious time. I know what it's like to loathe the skin you're in, though. So here are some reasons to stop hating your body.

Table of contents:

  1. It makes you unhappy
  2. It can harm you
  3. Because you're worth it
  4. You'll regret it
  5. You'll miss out
  6. Your body is amazing
  7. It's unrealistic
  8. Generation next
  9. Life's way too short

1 It Makes You Unhappy

We all know what a vicious cycle it is - you think you'll be happy once you have lost those extra pounds. The truth is, often happiness doesn't depend on the movement of the scales. Happiness comes from within, and depriving yourself or isolating yourself from others because you're unhappy with what you look like will just make you unhappier. This is one of the top reasons to stop hating your body.

2 It Can Harm You

Think about what hating and berating can do in the long run. If you're restricting your food intake, for example, you can do lasting damage to your body. Love yourself more by exercising moderately and enjoying your food. Stop hating and berating and start embracing - yourself that is!

3 Because You're Worth It

I know I have blatantly stolen the slogan of a well-known beauty brand and it sounds nauseating, but before you scroll for another article, hold on a second. You are. You're not defined by your waist-line or the amount of cellulite you have. The more you love yourself, the more people will love you back! Every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, "You're beautiful," even if you don't feel it. And smile more, because it costs nothing and makes you look instantly more radiant!

4 You'll Regret It

Hating your body or hiding away is something you will regret. I know because I have been there. I spent so much valuable time thinking I was overweight, and when I look back at photographs, I realise how ridiculous I was being. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and it's always easy to ignore someone when they're saying, "Hey, you look amazing." But the truth is, you do. Time is precious, so don't waste it!

5 You'll Miss out

It's amazing how many women miss out on a night out or cancel plans because they're feeling fat or having a bad hair day. Hands up if you have done the same. I have too, and I do regret it. Just stick on that red lippy and your fabulous shoes and show the world what you're made of - you'll feel so much better for it!

6 Your Body is Amazing

It's true - your body is amazing and it should be celebrated and nurtured as such. Your body has the capacity to take you places and enable you to fulfill all of those dreams you have. Look after it and it will look after you, and take you all those places you yearn to go in life!

7 It's Unrealistic

So, you're flicking through those magazines that you have spent your hard-earned cash on and wow, don't all those women look flawless and gorgeous? Of course they do! A lot of them have been airbrushed within an inch of their lives and often, they look quite different to the way in which nature intended. Unfortunately, this means most of us are aspiring to unrealistic ideals of beauty. So next time you're marveling at the beauty of those models, remember that you could look like that too, with a little photo-shop action!

8 Generation Next

We need to change the rhetoric and think in terms of health and not weight, and in terms of inner happiness, not acceptability by society's standards. With more and more young girls becoming self conscious about their weight and looks at a younger age, we're in danger of encouraging the next generation to be image conscious. And who wants a world populated with Kardashian clones and Lindsay Lohan lookalikes anyway?!

9 Life's Way Too Short

And finally, why should you stop hating your body and start loving it more? Because quite frankly, life is way too short. None of us know what is around that corner, so enjoy every day and live each one as though it was your last!

There are many reasons you should stop hating your body and start loving it more. How about you? Have you stopped hating and started embracing yet?

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