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7 Small Reminders That You Should Love Your Body for What It Looks like ...

By Holly

There’s so much body hate in the media, when really you should love your body. It never helps to focus on the negatives of any situation. Instead, think about all of the great things about yourself. You should love your body, despite how different it looks from the models on the Victoria Secret runway.

1 Function Beats Appearance

Does it really matter if your legs are just a little too short? All that matters is that they’re able to keep you moving. You don’t like the flab on your arms? At least you’re capable of moving them around. Instead of seeing the flaws in your limbs, see the beauty of their functions. You’ll love your body more once you realize how lucky you are to be alive in the first place.

2 The Bright Side

If you don’t like the number on the scale, you can fight to change it. However, you should be happy that you have enough food to eat. You’re not starving to death, which means that you’re alive and well. Unlike some people who cannot afford a decent meal, you’re able to eat whenever you get hungry. Having enough money for a meal is nothing to be ashamed about.

3 You’re You

What do you hate the most about your body? If it’s something that exercise or a pushup bra can fix, then you have a way to change your looks. If it’s something that you’re unable to change, then you can’t worry about it. You were made the way you are for a reason. You’re your own person, which is beautiful in its own right.

4 Model Behavior

Even the most gorgeous models have aspects of themselves that they would change if they could. You don’t notice them, because they always look so confident. They might stand in a certain way or have their pictures photoshopped so that the public doesn’t see their faults. But they still know that their flaws are there. So whenever you feel ugly, remember that models can feel the same. They’re just better at hiding it.

5 Uniqueness is Key

How boring would it be if everyone looked exactly the same? You don’t want to look like a generic girl; You want to look like you. Having a distinct appearance makes you unique. Your flaws don’t make you less of a person. When you really like a guy, you don’t put him down for his faults. Sometimes, you even like them, because it’s part of what makes him him. So why can’t you treat yourself in the same way?

6 Mind Control

Hating your body causes you stress and depression. Life is easier when you love your body. You would if you could, right? Well, you can. Your love and hatred of a thing resides in your mind. If you can twist your thoughts into being positive, you’ll live a happier life. Your perception of yourself can instantly change your mood.

7 Different Tastes

Some men prefer girls with the body type of Taylor Swift, while others like Sofia Vergara. Everyone has their own opinion, which is why everyone’s tastes differ so drastically. What you hate about yourself, someone else could love. Don’t be down about yourself because you’re worried about what some guy thinks. The right one will love everything about you. So why not start by loving yourself?

What are you most self-conscious about? It’s okay to voice your fears. We all have the same worries.

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