7 Reasons to Stop Being a Mean Girl ...


7 Reasons to Stop Being a Mean Girl ...
7 Reasons to Stop Being a Mean Girl ...

If you’re a meanie and you know it, it’s time to make a change and think about the reasons to stop being mean. I know it’s an amazing experience to feel like you’re on the top of the world, and everyone is at your feet admiring you, but it’s far from what’s really happening. If you’re mean and you think everyone loves you and the things you do, keep reading for a shocking surprise. Check out the 7 reasons to stop being mean.

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People Don’t Really like You

One of the top reasons to stop being mean is because people really don’t like mean people. You may think you’re the most likable person at your school or at your hang out, but you’re not. Most mean girls think that everyone loves them, but in actuality everyone either hates them, or at the very least, they’d rather be friends with someone else. Be nice! It’ll definitely pay off! People will flock to you.


Men Don’t like You for Your Personality

Men are attracted to mean girls because of their looks, confidence, money, or social status, anything but their personality. Good and respectable men like respectful and classy women.


It’s Hard to Get a Job

People who are mean have a rough time finding and keeping a job. Employers want people who are great with people and who care for the customers; mean girls don’t fit that description. If you’re lucky to get a job, you won’t have it for long if you continue on your mean streak!


You’re Aren’t Satisfied with Yourself

Mean girls are mean because they aren’t satisfied with themselves, and because they’re mean, they find that life is a little bit more unsatisfactory. Try being kind for a change! People will be kinder to you, and they’ll love and appreciate you for who you are, resulting in self-confidence, happiness and satisfaction.


You’re Setting a Bad Example

Someone is always watching what you do, how you do it, what you say and how you say it. When you say and do hurtful things, people who don’t know any better will repeat it. The world doesn’t need more bullies. Speaking of bullies…


You’re a Bully

Did you know that being mean is a form of bullying called social bullying? If you’re constantly spreading rumors, intentionally leaving others out of activities on purpose, breaking up friendships, and talking about people, you’re considered a bully. Suicide due to bullying continues to be one of the leading causes of death among children under the age of 14. Who cares if you’re not 14 years old, you’re still among the people who bully. Keep in mind that everyone isn’t great at coping with meanness, and your actions my have a huge effect on someone’s life.


It Doesn’t Last Forever

You’re mean now, and you may have your peers in the palm of your hand, but it’s important to know it doesn’t last forever. People won’t always tolerate your meanness. Someone will stand up to you, and you will be humbled. Check yourself before that happens. Be a kind and admirable person before you lose the ones who still care for you. Trust me, kindness does pay off.

I hope you consider the reasons to stop being mean, take them to heart, and turn over a new leaf! Being mean not only hurts other people’s feelings, it eventually hurts you. The solution is being kind and respectful to those around you. Be careful of how you treat people, because one day, you might need them. Did you find this article helpful? Do you think you’ll stop being a mean girl any time soon?

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So I totally have a "friend" that needs to read this. She is so disrespectful to my friend Lacey and I... We were planning on 4 of us going to Galveston Texas this summer, but she was going to tell me that they could only bring 2 friends... Also last year we were both going for Jr. High Cheer Captain and she was so mean to me all year because I got it ad she didn't. And on top of that she always tells me how stupid I am, and ugly, and she always tells me that I'm her least favorite, and that Im poor, just because she's rich and I'm average. She also tells me that no guys actually like me... But she doesn't know that all the guys tell me how much they hate her because she's ugly, mean, stupid, and they hate her attitude. Only problem is that we've been "friends" for so long Lacey and I don't know how to unfriendly her...

On Wednesdays we wear pink.

"People don't really like you." Best line ever.

I agree with everyone of these reasons!! Great job!

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