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This post on reasons to spend time away from your partner is inspired by a 20-day trip to the Philippines without my husband. Like any couple, our marriage is not perfect and we encounter challenges along the way, but we always try to work things out and remember that our love will always be greater than any problem that comes our way. We do realize the importance of spending time alone so. I'm sharing here seven reasons to spend time away from your partner:

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Reset Yourself

This is one of several reasons to spend time away from your partner and perhaps, the number one reason that any person will give to you when you ask them why they fly out the love nest for a little while. There is no shame in admitting that you need time to heal. Find your center again, and you will be a better person and a better partner when you come back.


Decide on Your Own

Yes you love your partner but there are times that you just have to decide things on your own. You might have been living with each other for a considerable amount of time and your togetherness is getting in the way of your individuality; an important part of you that you don't lose because you have a partner. When this happens, go ahead and talk to your partner and tell him/her about what you're feeling. It might not be the best thing that he/she will hear that day but there's nothing like resolving the issue while it's still new. Don't wait when it's too late to mend anything.


Shop for You and You Alone

This might sound selfish to some people. But I believe that any woman should have time for herself - and shopping, is one of those activities that will do this. There is a misconception that shopping means spending money that you don't have. On the contrary, shopping can be done with little money or even without money. Who says you need to buy that expensive pair of shoes? There's always window shopping!


Focus on Career

Oh this sounds like me eons ago. I decided to spend time away from a very important person because I felt that he was getting in the way of my career. There was no way, no other way, to to have a flourishing career while having a relationship with him. It just didn't work out. I decided to spend time away from him. It was not an easy decision but it's something that I am proud of because I faced my greatest fear at that time - that of losing him. We eventually got back together but then parted ways for another reason.


Spend Time with Family

How many of you have forgotten that you have parents and siblings to spend time with? The love of your life, that is if he/she truly loves you, won't stop you from having dinner with your folks. He/she knows that your family has been with you since day one and you can't just drop them because you are romantically involved. That's just wrong, not to mention very selfish.


Spend Time with Friends

I don't like people who drop their friends like a hot potato when they get a partner. And then, when things go south with a partner, who do they call first? It's their friends most of the time! So a word of advice: listen to your friends when they evaluate a potential mate. Listen very carefully. You will be thankful to them for always having your back.


Try Long Distance

This might be your last effort to save the relationship: spending time away from your partner to see how much he/she means to you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say.

How did you handle spending time alone? Or are you afraid to take this step?

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I always believe in putting uraelf first n being happy in relationship this article is grt one always needs time alsone

I've been with my man for nearly 4 years. We're not living together just yet, although his job keeps him travelling to places every few months, so for 2 week stints we don't see or hear from each other as much. I used to be horribly clingy at first but now i don't mind it at all because there's a lot more to talk about :) one day we'll move in together :)

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